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What Is Bamboo?

Some of Camelback’s best products are made of bamboo such as director’s chairs, banner stands, and flooring.

What is Bamboo, Exactly?

Bamboo, a sustainable wood and renewable resource, is being used more and more in furniture as a replacement for cedar, mahogany, and other popular hardwood lumbers. Not only is this multifaceted plant used for furniture, but it is also used structurally for buildings, textiles, and as a food source. Bamboo has been used as construction material for a long time in the east, its strength and durability put to good use in the earliest suspension bridges and various architectures in China. Inherently strong and aesthetically pleasing, different parts of the globe are catching on to bamboo as a sustainable resource.

The Origins of Bamboo

Bamboo is actually a grass from the plant family known as Poacea and grows easily and heartily in several varieties. It is considered one of the fastest growing wood plants (grasses, actually) on the planet! Unlike trees, and much like the grass you see on your lawn, once cut it continues to grow. It rapidly reproduces the visible bamboo poles or “culms” after being trimmed due to its strong and resilient underground system of roots called rhizomes. Bamboo poles grow an average estimate of 24 inches or more per day. Because of the rapid regrowth and longevity of bamboo, its production easily takes the stress away from traditional hardwood forest production. Typical hardwoods such as cedar take many years (up to 40) to produce post size trees for cutting. Bamboo takes a fraction of that time. Thinning out a bamboo plant actually promotes healthier growth and 20 percent can be cut every year. Bamboo is typically associated with the tropics but it can grow in most climates! With a rapidly growing population, the demand for wood made products places tremendous pressure on our global hardwood resources and also depletes natural wildlife habitats. Bamboo provides a high performance alternative, allowing our beautiful trees to stay intact.

“Because of the rapid regrowth and longevity of bamboo, its production easily takes the stress away from traditional hardwood forest production.”

Bamboo’s Surprising Strength

How strong is bamboo? It’s a very strong, hard wood. Think about it this way: Some of the best hardwoods grow in tropical climates. Plant life in these climates has to stand up to constant moisture, harsh winds, storms, etc. Bamboo is so strong, it used structurally in buildings. It has been utilized as such for hundreds of years. If it is used for buildings and bridges, you can imagine chairs made of bamboo will be quality and last a long time.

Bamboo in our Popular Products

One of the many popular items we offer in bamboo is our Elite Bamboo Director Chairs. Bamboo is 16% stronger than maple and naturally resistant to water, so you know these comfortable chairs are built to last and easy to take care of. Its beautiful natural color and quality add to the overall look of the chair. Many indoor and outdoor furniture such as our directors chairs are made of bamboo for these reasons.

If you are looking for a banner stand solution but want to be green we also have a range of Bamboo Banner Stands! Our bamboo banner stands are made of over 90% bamboo and our graphics for these units are printed on full-color digital graphic printed on 7 mil. recyclable vinyl media with fade resistant recyclable UV inks. These are not only the most eco-friendly graphic solutions for your next trade show but also high fashion and high impact. Whether you choose a more raw bamboo look like the Bamboo Ex or a more finished unit like the Bamboo Retractor your banner stand will make a lasting impression while reducing your carbon footprint.
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“Consider the greener choice of bamboo next time you are decorating or remodeling!”

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