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The New WaveLight Backlit Displays are one of the thinnest tension fabric light boxes to hit the exhibit market. Within just a 50mil aluminum pipe profile (two inches), the WaveLight® frames an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit display –making everything on the graphic look more brilliant and vibrant.


Backlit displays have only become more and more popular in recent years. Numerous trade show exhibitors utilize this kind of signage to great effect, and many have found success in having their marketing messages portrayed on these eye-catching backlit displays. WaveLight Backlit Displays are some of the newest additions to our backlit display family, and provide yet another stellar option for those looking to purchase backlit displays.

Display size:  36.65″W x 95.98″H

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Display size:  62.21″W x 95.98″H

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Display size:  87.32″W x 95.98″H

$2,434.00Add to cart

Display size:  114.17″W x 95.98″H

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Wavelight LED Backlit Accessories

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