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We offer 1 Business Day Turnaround on Select Products.

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Camelback Chronicles

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Uploading Artwork to Camelback Displays.

If you will be creating, or supplying your own artwork for the products you are purchasing we will need the artwork files for printing. The files can be uploaded or sent to us before your purchase, at checkout, or anytime after your purchase. So if you do not have artwork ready immediately don’t worry. You can upload the files down the road whether it be a week later, or a month. If you need any help with the graphic design process or uploading the files feel free to call us at 1-877-268-7469. Our team of specialists will help you solve any issues.


Upload Art & Send Us The Link!

If your files are too large to upload through e-mail (10MB) there are a few other ways to upload your files. One being through (2GB). Name your files in the below format so that we can be certain your artwork is for your order / products.




After saving your files in the correct format it is recommended to compress the files but not mandatory. Visit and use the “Add Files+” link to upload all of your artwork files. Be sure to select the “Link” option as opposed to “e-mail”. You will find this toggle switch to the left of the transfer button. When your upload is complete you will receive a link that can be emailed to us.

WeTransfer - just upload art and send us the link!

Google Drive

Upload Art & Send Us The Link!
Google Drive allows for larger graphic files up to 15 Gigabytes. An account is required but it is very easy to set up.

Google Drive



You can upload / send artwork before purchasing your product of choice if you would like to make certain that your artwork files will work properly with the product in mind. You can upload your files through our FTP system, weTransfer file service, or by emailing it to When e-mailing artwork the file size must be less than 10mb. After uploading your artwork you can contact us through phone or e-mail and our graphics team will check your files and ensure that they will work with our products.


After the online checkout process you will have a chance to “Upload Artwork “, or if you chose to create an account you can upload at a later time by visiting the My Account page. If your art is ready to be uploaded simply drag your files to the blue cloud upload area. You can also click the blue cloud to browse your computer and pick the files for uploading. Make sure to upload the correct artwork files and name them correctly. If your product requires more than one artwork file simply repeat the above steps until all of your artwork is uploaded.


If you are a registered customer, or if you create an account at checkout you will have the ability to upload artwork by viewing your My Account page. Here you will see a list of your recent orders. You will also find an “Upload Artwork” button. The upload area is marked by a blue cloud. You can drag files from your computer into the cloud or click the cloud to browse your computer and upload your artwork files. They will be directly attached to your order / products so be sure you are uploading the correct artwork files.


We understand that occasionally files will be even larger than 2GB. For this reason we also offer an FTP upload option. To use this method please name your files in the format shown below.




To access and upload files via FTP simply contact us, and a specialist will supply you with the needed information to access our FTP uploading system. Then walk you through the process of uploading and can confirm that your files have been received.



Artwork files under the size of 10MB can be e-mailed to Please name your files in the format below.




Please use the format below for the e-mails subject line:


Company Name – Order Number



You can mail your artwork files to the address below. Please include your company name and order number within the envelope or on the CD / Thumb Drive.


20020 Hickory Twig Way

Spring, TX 77388