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Truss Covers

Truss Covers are a great way to dress up your truss!

The presentation is key for your clients, cover your truss with our truss covers.

Our Truss Covers are made with Flame Retardant fabric, ideal when you want the lights to glow and make your booth look unique and attractive or hide your truss structure and any wire management. It’s amazing how easily you can transform a space by simply adding a truss sock to your column and internal lighting.

Choose from our off the shelf, 12″ box truss sizes or custom sizes and effectively cover your truss with a flawless, easy to use spandex-like material.
The predetermined sizes are available in white and for 12″ box (square) truss.
The custom options are made in black or white and can be made for 12″ or a 20″ box (square) style truss.

GT Truss Covers

Available in 5 lengths, white fabric color, and made for 12″ box truss only.

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Custom Truss Covers

Custom sizes, white or black fabric colors, made for 12″ or 20″ box truss.

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