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EZ-6 Truss Slatwall Panels

EZ-6 Truss Slatwall Panels

EZ-6 Truss Slatwall Panels are the most versatile display systems use for trade show exhibits, in retail stores for product displays, and businesses that want to convert their walls into retail display space.

EZ-6 Truss Slatwall Panels

EZ-6 Slatwall

* Lightweight Aluminum   * Double Sided * Accepts all standard  merchandising options
* Durable Powder Coat Finish  * Fabric Kick-Panel (variety of colors) * Flexible
* Top & Bottom Separates   * Counter Units Available
* Shelving, Retail Hanging & Merchandising Accessories

EZ-6 Truss Slatwall Panels Sizes

T=Top (Slatwall- 45″ high)  /  B=Bottom (Slatwall – 40″ high + Fabric – 24″ high)
(Does not include truss)
Slatwall comes in 4′, 3′ and 2′ widths.  To make a full panel,  you need both a “T” & “B” section
Fabric Colors for Bottom Kick-Panels

EZ6 Slatwall Merchendising options