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Trade Show Displays & Exhibits Rentals

Affordable & High Quality Trade Show Displays and Exhibits Rentals

Camelback has your back with high quality turn-key trade show exhibits for rent!

Avoid the cost of buying and gain marketing flexibility by the ability to change your look for each show you attend.

See individual products for details.

Help our environment!
Renting is economical and green!


View our Truss Glossary for descriptions and examples for nearly all truss terminology.

Searching for a classy exhibit to attract attention at trade shows? We offers a large selection of 10′ x 20′ Lightbox Display Rentals and accessories to help set your trade show exhibit stand out from the crowd at affordable prices.

Our line of mobile, architectural structures combines a clean and modern design with easy-to-assemble modular components which can be used a million different ways. These incredible Mobile Pop-Up Retail & Event Pods can be branded from the floor to the ceiling.

The NOOK Event Pod is modern, adaptable, and a new way for people to meet, work, relax or eat in one area.

Trade Show Exhibit Truss

Break the mold with our custom, modular, hybrid displays now available for rental! We offer dynamic solutions available for 10×10, 10×20, 20×20 and 20×30 exhibit booths!

Trade Show Display Truss Booth

Custom ORB Rental System comes to give you a flexible, versatile and customized set up to pursue your displaying goals. Offering 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 set ups with a capability to customize as large and different as you want.

truss display rentals

Save on shipping, time, labor, storage, and maintenance. Our inventory is ready to serve your needs from a simple 10×10 to multiple large island exhibits, wherever and whenever you may be showing. Make a lasting impression with our customizable exhibit truss! Made in the USA

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Island Exhibit Displays

Our two story Double Deck Displays will literally take your booth to the next level and impress the crowd!  Explore our pre-designed selection of double decker rentals or tell us your idea and let’s WOW them NOW! Made in the USA

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Trade Show Displays & Exhibits Rentals

Get the exhibit that’s right for you! From conference rooms, booth, private sections, hanging displays, media displays, counters, light boxes, flooring, lighting, table covers, furniture, literature displays, to custom graphics, we only sell top quality Island Exhibits in all sizes and all shapes.

Camelback Displays is now offering completely turnkey furniture rentals in select cities and trade show venues.  We can supply a huge variety of rental furniture that is both modern and innovative.  Great for trade shows, conferences, corporate meetings and other special events.

Our video walls generates high resolution images with flawless finishes! With our variety of large display rental services, we offer the ideal solution for events, exhibits and corporations throughout North America!

Renting vs. Buying

Renting vs Buying There are a few scenarios in which purchasing an exhibit might not be the ideal route for you. Perhaps you don’t plan to do very many trade shows and don’t want the commitment of purchase, storage, and transport from show to show. Or maybe you don’t want to feel limited to a certain format of display and layout. Depending on the investment, buying a particular display might limit you to the style and type of booth. As your brand and company evolves so might your display requirements. Furthermore, purchasing a display means you are committed to a booth size and layout. While many booths can be built onto, renting a new and different booth might make more sense if you exhibit at various shows with various targeted markets per show.

Perks of renting:

• NO COMMITMENT to a style of booth that you will have to reuse over time.
• NO COMMITMENT to a size or layout of booth. Rent a new display each show!
• NO FUSS with maintenance, storage, or transport between shows

Camelback Displays now offers a variety of trade show display rentals from basic pop ups, hybrid displays, and kiosks to two story double deck exhibits varying from small to huge,  include Double Deck Exhibits, Pop Up Displays, Timberline Hybrid Displays, Trade Show Furniture, Trade Show Truss Booths, Island Exhibits, Truss Displays, accessories and more at affordable prices!  Many of our rentals have options for our expert installation team to transport, install and de-install so you have one less thing to worry about! Explore our selection of rental kits available or call us with your ideas! We can customize to fit your needs!

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