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The WOW Factor Archive

The PANORAMIC Lightbooth

No more frames, boxed in edges, or presentation objects; the Panoramic Lightbooth is all you need! Transform the boundaries of your exhibit space with the experience of a vivid, beautiful, uninterrupted visual presentation.

The Panoramic Lightbox is more than just a display. It’s an experience! Never before has a display transformed the boundaries of an exhibit booth so effectively with something artful that indulges the senses. The power of illusion is at play here, with the seams of reality, or in this case, the display edges are hard to see! Your message… your idea… is fluid.

A person enters in the panoramic space and they are taken where you want them to go! No more frames, boxed in edges, or presentation objects; the Panoramic Lightbooth is all you need.

What makes this display so powerful? Sharp image printing with the latest printing technology is combined with the most important element, LIGHT. The Panoramic is an SEG Graphic Extrusion System that functions as a three dimensional lightbox and is the only design of its kind that does not have unattractive, exposed extrusions resulting in a vivid, beautiful uninterrupted visual image.

Create atmospheres that utilize faux textures such as soil, brick, stone, wood that mimic a structure and immerse participants in a complete environment that makes your company’s brand fully realized.

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Accent Ring Custom Island

The modular nature of the Accent Ring Islands allows you to customize your display space exactly to your liking. Pre-configured 20×30, 10×30 and 10×20 kits are available as well as the option to mix and match components.

When you’re considering options for a high impact display option, why buy three exhibits when one stunning display will do triple duty? The Accent Ring Custom Island combines a dramatic structure, high impact graphics, and practical components into reconfigurable island and inline exhibits.

The exhibits include distinctive Aero rings with pillowcase graphics, workstations with storage, headers, and a large reception counter.

There’s even a full-size closet, a rare luxury in an inline exhibit. The larger graphics are vibrant tension fabric, which is lightweight, durable, and affordable.

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VK-5035 Island Exhibit

If you’re looking for a temporary display, the VK-5035 is also available as a rental!

There’s nothing shy about an island display. It says you’ve arrived. Studies show that exhibitors naturally gravitate to a well-designed island exhibit. It attracts attention for several reasons. Island graphics are almost always larger than inline graphics which allows your exhibit to turn heads from across the showroom floor.

Large graphics make a statement, whether through color, size, messaging or all three. Second, island exhibits allow for conferencing, presentation, large monitors, and demonstrations. Crowds attract crowds. The VK-5035 possesses an upstairs conference area to hold meetings, discussions, product demos or whatever particular activity your exhibit requires.

Beyond the standard equipment, the VK-5035 offers a wide array of accessories enabling you to customize your exhibit to be exactly what you need. Have a digital app that customers need access to? Add in some secure iPad kiosks or clamshell cases allowing customers to demo your product.

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VASCO 40×50 Custom Truss Display

Promoting your brand high above the height limit of standard displays, hanging displays put your company’s advertisement into the sight of everyone at the show.

When you’ve made the investment to appear at a trade show you owe it to yourself to show your company, branding, and/or products in the best light possible. Truss displays have long held a paramount position in trade show displays for their amazing presence. Few products are able to grab as much attention as a large truss exhibit that’s visible from across the showroom floor.

But, why stop there? When advertising to as many individuals as possible is your goal, you can take truss displays to the next level by combining them with multiple accessories and addons. Hanging displays are a fantastic example of this. Promoting your brand high above the height limit of standard displays, hanging displays put your company’s advertisement into the sight of everyone at the show.

Don’t forget, though, bringing potential customers to your booth is really only step 1. Once they arrive, you need to make them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. Adding furniture options to your booth gives customers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where they’re happy to sit down for a minute and discuss the in’s and out’s of your business.

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Camelback 20′ Wow Factor Exhibit

This exhibit is designed for a 10’x20′ inline booth, but we can customize for 10’x10 booth or even Island Exhibits depending on your particular needs.

Camelback’s 20′ Wow Factor Exhibit comes complete with everything you need to look great. Show up at your next trade show fully branded with a beautifully printed back wall, a couple of movable tension fabric banner stands, a conference area with seating, places to hold brochures, something to cover the ugly table supplied by the show and high impact temporary custom printed flooring that all works together to make you look great.

Tension fabric products are easy to set up and have a modern custom look. Printed flooring can work to tie everything together using color, patterns, tag lines and logos. The conference table can be used to pull visitors aside for meetings and the bag holder helps you put something in attendees hands who may turn into customers.

Set up is a breeze; the flooring is rolled out first, the back wall and the banner stands utilize aluminum tubing that easily snaps together and the graphics slip over the frame to be pulled taut. Then, the conference table Velcro’s together and the contour table cover simply slips over a 6′ table. Unfold your chairs and assemble the brochure holders and bag holder…. and set up is finished!

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The Backlit Wonder

Present your company or brand with a second-to-none, professional display. When it comes to attracting attention, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Zippity Doo Dah

This exhibit features 3 different booth size configurations (10×10, 10×20, and 20×20).

Revolution Rhomba

Revolution Rhomba

The Revolution Rhomba is one of the most innovative and reconfigurable designs in the market today.

cubular island display

Cubular Island Display

The Trade Show Cubular Island Display! is a remarkable island display that features stylish LED backlight towers, and an open area that works perfectly as a presentation, meeting, or demo space.

Retail ELO 10'x10' Curved Modular Display System GK-1013

Retail Elo! Modular Displays System

Retail ELO! Modular Displays System are perfect for trade show and event environments, combining flexibility and easy set-up. Features lightweight construction and modular reconfigurability with fully assembled single/double-sided flat or curved panels.


Gravitee Modular Meeting Pods

Our New innovative Trade Show Gravitee Modular Meeting Pods provide an environment that intelligently interacts with your trade show attendees for a face-to-face meeting or marketing and an opportunity to experience your brand in a very unique way.

Mobile Pop-Up Retail Live Events X-PODH With Lights Exterior View

Mobile Pop-Up Retail & Event Pods

Our line of mobile or temporary architectural structures combines a clean and modern design with easy-to-assemble modular components which can be used in many different ways.

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