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The WOW Factor

Get Cubular Island Display Web Slider

Get Cubular on all four sides.

Get Cubular!

The Get Cubular! (VK-5149) is a remarkable island display that features stylish LED backlight towers, and an open area that works perfectly as a presentation, meeting, or demo space.

The full size closet is neatly hidden to allow for both convenient storage and easy access.

Along with lockable storage and a charging station, there is a customizable reception desk with seating for customers and staff.

What makes the Get Cubular! (VK-5149) stand out from its competitors is the seven fully customizable cube shaped signs that hang above. This display is sure to draw attention from all angles of the convention floor.

Get Cubular Island Display View 01

Present your products directly to your potential customers

Get Cubular Island Display View 08

Let the 15ft backlight talk for itself!