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Silicone Edge Graphics by Camelback Displays

Silicone Edge Graphics, also referred to as SEG, are the display material you have been searching for. They bring a new and versatile element to your displays. In this blog we will tell you what you have been missing and why you should switch to Silicone Edge Graphics.

What are SEG Graphics?

                SEG’s or, Silicone Edge Graphics, are high resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphics with a thin silicone strip sewn into the edge of the fabric. The silicone is sometimes referred to as the welt or gasket. The silicone strip is sewn into the edge of the fabric graphic so you can easily insert the graphic into a frame with a recessed groove. This dramatically decreases the amount of labor needed to change out a graphic.

How Do They Work?

SEG’s make your trade show experience run smoothly. Simply slide the silicone edge of the fabric graphic into a recessed groove on the frame you’re done! The size of the graphic must be very precise so the dye-dub fabric is pulled taut when inserted into the frame.  When you are ready to leave your event, simply slide the graphic off and fold it up for compressed storage. The compact storage capability allows you to bring multiple graphics for one frame and not take up crucial space at a trade show event.

Benefits of SEG Graphics

When working with SEG graphics, there are a lot of great benefits. The graphic its self is extremely lightweight, making transporting it easy. The SEG style graphics fit into a wide variety of aluminum extrusion systems. The dye-sub fabric is extremely durable and prints with vibrant colors. The sew line on the silicone is completely hidden, making your graphic display look extremely modern and finished. This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to have the most graphic they can display with the smallest amount of frame. Caring for the graphic is extremely easy because you can wash and steam them to prevent wrinkles. There are even some recycled fabric options available so you can be green and continue to effectively display your message.

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