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Safety and Style Reign Here | A Look at Interlocking Flooring

At Camelback we offer a lot of portable solutions because the nature of the trade show business is, well, portable.  “Must travel easily” is a prerequisite assigned by our customers and understandably so.  Our customers go from show to show sometimes with a limited amount of time to set-up and tear down.  Not only that, everything needs to ship easily and cost effectively OR fit in the back of a van, truck, or even compact car with little fuss.

One important yet sometimes overlooked element of the planning of your booth is flooring.  Most exhibition areas are carpet already, so you might not consider adding your own floor.  Plus, how much of a pain would bringing in a huge roll of carpet?  What’s the point?  We arrive at that prerequisite of “must travel easily” again.

We have the solution: Interlocking Floor Tiles

How they work:  Puzzle like square or rectangular tiles of flooring in a range of sizes (1’ x 1’, 2’ x 2’, and 2’ x 4’) interlock together to create any size floor within a whole number square footage.  Edges are finished and often beveled to create a smooth transition between the floor underneath and the portable floor.  Although lightweight, our anti-fatigue tile varieties are strong, durable and high performance.  Sets up in minutes!  They easily pack up stacked into UPS/Fedex shippable cases.

Soft Tiles

Interlocking tiles are to me, the coolest invention for portable flooring out there and you can use them ANYWHERE.  This isn’t just about trade shows, people.  You can get tiles in any material and use them in ANY space.  Our Soft Foam Floor tiles can and have been used in play and nursery areas for children because they come in bright colors, are easy to clean, and feel comfortable beneath your feet or bodies.  In the realm of kids they not only look fun but soften the fall and are also slip resistant.  Protect the little ones and protect your floors while you are at it.  We have even seen them used at doggy day cares in indoor play areas.  Little accident on the tile?  Hose it off!  These tiles are also popular in gyms and work great for areas in need of soft padding for the joints.

foam tiles

Why add foam tiles to a trade show booth?  Well, they add visual punch.  For one, they come in a spectrum of colors so you can match with the rest of your branded items.  Is your logo red?  Add red interlocking soft tiles!  Better yet, add an inlaid logo to one, two, or three of your tiles throughout your booth area.  I promise you, it looks awesome.  We are talking about a fluid presentation from floor to ceiling in your exhibit booth.

Inlaid Logo Example

If the foam look isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you we also carry interlocking carpet tiles and soft wood tiles.  Our most popular carpet tiles, Comfort Carpet and Comfort Carpet Plus function the same as foam tiles but offer a layer of carpet on top with the Comfort Carpet Plus being more plush.  Both styles are available in a range of colors and can also have logo inlays as well.

Comfort Carpet Plus

The Wood Grain interlocking tiles available in our Comfort Tile Designer and Softwood series offer the same anti-fatigue, high density foam tile with a wood grain surface.  Installed, your booth will have the look of a beautiful wood floor without the high cost and tricky installation.

Soft Wood Tiles
Soft Wood and Comfort Tile Designer tiles are available in different “wood finishes”             A trade show booth featuring Comfort Tile Designer flooring

If you are looking for something more industrious we have specialty flooring tiles that fall into the garage flooring and showroom category but can certainly carry over into other flooring realms.  Our Race deck lines of interlocking floor tiles are built to withstand the weight and traffic of cars, heavy shop tools, and just really heavy stuff but are sleek, designerly and just as simple to use as foam tiles.


Garage Flooring

You can use these high-tech, slip resistant modular tiles for any space including basements, garages, trade show booths, kitchen areas, temporary outdoor installs, showrooms, and so on.  They are available in a range of brilliant colors and textures like Circle Trac, Diamond, Free Flow, Rubber, and even Snap Carpet.

You can also interchange any of the RaceDeck flooring tiles with each other thanks to the easy Step N Snap design and 16 Patented Powerlocks to keep it as one complete modular floor once engaged!  Garage tile styles like Free Flow are great for increasing safety in wet conditions, serving as drainage of liquids and debris.  All of our garage flooring section of tiles are resistant to petroleum  products and most chemicals too!  Safety and style reign here.

Race Deck Harley-Davidson Race Deck Harley-Davidson


Race Deck Harley-Davidson Race Deck Harley-Davidson Tiles

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