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Wyndham Stage Skirting

wyndham stage skirting

Wyndham Stage Skirting

Our Wyndham Stage Skirting fabrics are unparalleled with any other trade show fabric on rightthe market. Specifically developed for the events industry, you will not get a better performing material in terms of wrinkle and shrink resistance. Made of 100% Polyester at a solid 12 Ounce Weight per Linear Yard, Wyndham fabric holds its shape and color over time and is also flame retardant, an important attribute of any table cover or skirt used at a show. An added advantage of Wyndham fabrics is its opacity. Although it is not blackout material; it is a thicker, saturated polyester which means you can easily store things underneath your table without unwanted silhouettes of boxes and other less appealing materials. Many cheaper table cover fabrics (more than likely imported) are LESS THAN HALF of Wyndham’s weight or less per linear yard!

Wyndham fabrics are proudly manufactured in the USA and are guaranteed top of the line material.

We pride ourselves on consistency with colors from dye lot to dye lot and promise a vibrant spectrum of saturated colors.

Camelback offers standard logo table covers and un-printed covers, fitted table covers and table skirting, table runners and more in Wyndham fabrics and our sizes are fully customizable.

Selling Points:
CERTIFIED Flame Retardant
Machine Washable & Dry-able
Colors are extremely consistent over fabric dye lots
Color fast dye for fade resistance
35+ Years of Proven Performance in numerous commercial applications
12 Ounce Weight per Linear Yard


Pleat Styles Available: Shirred, Accordion Pleat, Box Pleat, Continuous Pleat

Standard Stage Skirting:
* Prices are per foot of horizontal length
* Order stage skirting one inch shorter than actual stage height for proper hanging
* Prices are for attachment with Velcro (loop side)
* Clips are not included

Adjustable-Height Stage Skirting:
Consists of an adjustable flat panel with an eight-inch attached valance

Durably Flame Retardant: Certificate from independent testing lab Included. This can be important at certain venues & trade shows. A fire Marshall may require proof of fire retardancy.

stage skirting
stage skirt velcro attachment


Please call to order.

Wyndham EncoreSequel MarquisRivieraSavoyWave
Fabric ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView Colors
Up to 18″H
From 19″H to 30″H
From 31″H to 39″H
From 40″H to 60″H


When ordering, please specify valance pleat style. For more than two adjustable heights, add $1.20 per foot for each additional height within the listed ranges
Please call to order.

WyndhamEncoreSequel MarquisRivieraSavoryWave
Fabric ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView ColorsView Colors
Adjustable Height 15″ & 23″
Adjustable Height 23″ & 31″
Adjustable Height 31″ & 39″
Adjustable Height 39″ & 47″


Untitled-28Durably Impregnated Flame Retardant (Certificate from independent testing lab Included)

About Wyndham Fabric
Wyndham Fabric was developed for the events industry and is the result of extensive research and years of field use. Wyndham Fabric is a type of 100% Polyester with excellent wrinkle and shrink resistance. It also maintains shape over a long period of use. It is durably flame retardant, and all orders are shipped with a Flame Retardant Certificate from an independent testing lab. Wyndham is also machine washable and dryable for easy care. (Do not dry clean screen printed products)

Wyndham Fabric Specifications
12 Ounce Weight per Linear Yard
100% Polyester Twill (28 Gage Single Knit Twill)
Durably Impregnated Flame RetardantFR
(Certificate from independent testing lab Included)
Machine Washable ‘&’ Dryable
Colors are extremely consistent over fabric dye lots
Color fast dye for fade resistance.
35+ Years of Proven Performance in numerous commercial applications.

Comparison with Our Competitor’s Fabrics
Banjo Cloth: 4.8 Ounce Weight per Linear Yard
100% Polyester (Open Weave – Can see through it when lit from behind)
Color will vary between fabric dye lots due to its design
Poly Satin Cloth: Usually Poly Satins are a low grade cloth.
3 Ounce Weight per Linear Yard * 100% Polyester (knitted) * Semi-Disposable * Very Sheer

wyndham colors
wyndham colors