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Waterguard Mats with Logo Inlay

Waterguard Mats with Logo Inlay

Prices:  See Below
Inlay or Blank Available
Available Sizes:  23″ x 35″ – 70″ x 239″

Features & Benefits:

  • Textured carpet scrapes dirt and debris off of shoes
  • 100% Nitrile rubber construction for maximum durability
  • Dirt and water are trapped by rubber reinforced polypropylene carpet ridges
  • Images are created via a unique inlay method, creating a crisp, clean logo
  • Simple to clean, just vacuum or hose off

Indoor and outdoor entrance ways, vending areas, kitchens, high traffic doorways, production areas.

Production time for this product is 10 business days.

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Mat SizeActual SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-10Qty. 11-25Qty. 26+
Waterguard Inlay 2’x3′23″ x 35″$173.00$143.00$126.00$123.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x4′35″ x 45″$267.00$227.00$201.00$198.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x5′35″ x 59″$298.00$257.00$230.00$228.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x8′34″ x 94″$498.00$457.00$419.00$416.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x10′35″ x 116″$584.00$521.00$494.00$483.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x12′35″ x 144″$852.00$765.00$730.00$716.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x16′35″ x 189″$1,006.00$911.00$872.00$856.00
Waterguard Inlay 3’x20′35″ x 238″$1,132.00$1,132.00$1,132.00$1,132.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x6′45″ x 69″$423.00$381.00$348.00$346.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x8′45″ x 96″$525.00$476.00$455.00$446.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x10′45″ x 116″$654.00$610.00$567.00$564.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x12′45″ x 143.5″$803.00$730.00$699.00$686.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x16′45″ x 188″$1,090.00$994.00$954.00$937.00
Waterguard Inlay 4’x20′45″ x 236″$1,284.00$1,178.00$1,133.00$1,112.00
Waterguard Inlay 6’x8′70″ x 95″$769.00$697.00$1,153.00$652.00
Waterguard Inlay 6’x12′70″ x 144″$1,106.00$1,010.00$967.00$947.00
Waterguard Inlay 6’x16′70″ x 191″$1,446.00$1,333.00$1,284.00$1,257.00
Waterguard Inlay 6’x20′70″ x 239″$1,723.00$1,594.00$1,535.00$1,506.00


Please Note:  Actual Colors Will Vary


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