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ST-120 Motorized Turntable

ST-120 Motorized Turntable

Includes:  (1) ST-120 Motorized Turntable
Requires a supporting structure
Capacity:  100 lb
Revolutions Per Minute:  2


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ST-120 Motorized Turntable is an skeleton version of the motorized turntable with standard clockwise rotation and high lb capacity. Skeleton units are the same as the turntables but without a cover, making it our most affordable choice. Ideal for trade shows, exhibits, retail and more. Our Motorized Turntables brings motion to your displays and will get them noticed at any place. We offer turntables for any need, whether floor, ceiling or wall mounted displays, we have a turntable for you.


  • Clockwise rotation
  • High lb capacity
  • ST-120 requires a supporting structure


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