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Sanitizing Bags 6-Pack (for Beltrac Sanitizer Dispenser)

Sanitizing Bags 6-Pack (for Beltrac Sanitizer Dispenser)

Kit Includes:
(6) Sanitizing Bags

*Dispenser and Stanchions are additional

Formula Options:
ORIGINAL: A fresh mint scent with very strong general effectiveness against the most common disease-causing germs such as colds, flus viruses and fungi.
CITRUS: Designed for applications where low alcohol odor and user experience are a priority, such as in restaurants, on aircraft, in schools, hotels, resorts and retail outlets. Softens hands with a fresh citrus fragrance.
NORO: Formulated to maximize killing impact against the highly contagious Norovirus, while maintaining its superior effectiveness on common bacteria and microorganisms. Leaves hands softened and mint refreshed.

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Note:  For use with the Beltrac Stanchion Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Our pack of Six Sanitizing Bags are sealed, air-tight and self-collapsing to prevent content and dispenser cross-contamination. One bag yields approximately 1,500 hand washings. Choose from three highly effective solutions!

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that “in addition to regular hand washing, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also effective in killing the Swine Flu virus.”
  • Hand Sanitizers must be at least 60% alcohol to be effective against Type A influenza viruses. Our Hand Sanitizers are 63% alcohol!
  • The portable Hand Sanitizing Station provides the perfect solution
    where soap and water are not readily available. It evaporates right in
    your hands leaving a pleasant soft feeling yet killing 99.9% of germs on contact!
  • The “no-touch” dispenser delivers 1,500 washings at a cost of less than $0.015 per use.*
  • Maintenance-free dispenser operates with gravity so there are no moving parts to break (requires 4 D alkaline batteries).
  • Fits on any Beltrac® 3000 post.
  • Choice of three sanitizing solutions, each highly-effective against various microorganisms including Type A Influenza Viruses (such as the H1N1 Swine Flu).

Download H1N1 Information

Additional information

Solution Formula

Original, Citrus, Noro


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