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Rope for Traditional Post

Rope for Traditional Post

Product Dimensions:
Length – 4′ | 5′ | 6′ | 7′
Diameter 1 1/2″

Rope Options:
Evergreen Velour Covered Rope
Black Velour Covered Rope
Silver Velour Covered Rope
Antique Velour Covered Rope
Cardinal Velour Covered Rope
Crimson Velour Covered Rope
Cambridge Velour Covered Rope
Tobacco Velour Covered Rope
Snow Vinyl Covered Rope
Gray Vinyl Covered Rope
Black Vinyl Covered Rope
Gold Vinyl Covered Rope
Red Vinyl Covered Rope
Moss Green Vinyl Covered Rope
Wine Vinyl Covered Rope
Indigo Vinyl Covered Rope
Natural Hemp Rope
Braided Rayon Black
Braided Rayon White


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Traditional Public Guidance Posts gracefully guide patrons through lines with velvet velour ropes, braided ropes and high quality tweed and vinyl ropes. Our factory will cut your ropes to length. Please see diagram for recommended length. Rope Hook Ends and Snap Ends (Sold Separately) These are available in finishes matching our Traditional Public Guidance Posts.

Please note: Total Rope Length is determined by measuring from end hook to end hook; i.e. a selection of 4 feet will result in a rope size of approximately 3’ 8” the end hooks at each end contribute to approximately 2 more inches each for a total of 4 feet.
Please remember to order hooks with each rope.

Additional information

Rope Length

4 ft, 5ft, 6 ft, 7 ft

Rope Type

Velour Covered, Vinyl, Natural Hemp, Braided Rayon


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