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RaceDeck Smoked Oak XL Display Flooring

RaceDeck Smoked Oak XL Display Flooring

Includes: Single Tile
9’x9′     Floor: 46 Tiles
10’x10′ Floor: 56 Tiles
9’x19′   Floor: 96 Tiles
10’x20′ Floor: 168 Tiles
20’x20′ Floor: 224 Tiles

Product Specs:
Tile Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 0.5″ (single tile)
Weight: 2.5 lbs. (single tile)

Please Note: Optional edges will add 3″to each side of your layout.  For example, if a 10’x10′ floor is ordered with edge pieces, final dimensions will be 10’6″ x 10’6″
(Sold Separately)

Learn more about adding the corners & edges to flooring sides click here.

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RaceDeck Smoked Oak Display Flooring

The Display your trade show or garage with the vintage look of reclaimed wood – RaceDeck Smoked Oak XL Display Flooring designed to stand up to the heavy foot traffic of admirers while easily accommodating the weight of cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles, and that provides great traction, high-tech look slip resistance with little or no maintenance. Easy installation and storage make it the must-have trade show, car show, and special event accessory.  Requires No Tools and makes No Mess! With RaceDeck Smoked Oak Display Tile you simply “snap” your flooring tile together to creating a high tech finished look in hours, not days,  making this a perfect option for DIY projects.


  • The Smoked Oak Commercial Display Floor System
  • Provides professional look with a showroom finish without paint or decals
  • One of the most popular trade show booth and garage flooring styles worldwide
  • Great slip resistance to petroleum products and most chemicals with a high-tech look
  • Engineered to look seamless from module to module, allowing you to create virtually any size floor
  • Easy to clean surface, resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals
  • Mix and match styles for a truly original, custom display and garage floor
  • Easy Installation – Set up your both or commercial display in no time
  • Interlocks with all RaceDeck flooring products
  • Patent Pending

PowerLock™ Technology

  • Engineered to handle heavy vehicle rolling loads
  • 16 patented PowerLocks per module become part of the Superstructure when engaged
  • Multi-patented Step-N-Snap design makes for no tools, no glues, and no toxic fumes


Diamond Superstructure

  • Functions as one complete sub-structure, making the system perfect for applications with temperature swings
  • Easily supports tool chests, 4 post lifts, and other garage rolling equipment
  • Fully channeled to allow air and moisture to escape, eliminating odor causing mold and mildew
  • Supports vehicle rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds


Edging (Sold Separately)

  • Give your RaceDeck Garage Floor a finished look with this 12” x 3” beveled edge piece, which shares the same interlocking system as the tiles and simply snaps into place.
    Available in 8 colors.

Learn more about adding the corners & edges to flooring sides click here.

Actual Colors May Vary

Set up Instructions

Step 1

Start by laying your first panel on any corner. The loops should be pointed in the direction you want to add panels.

Step 2

The panels have 2 sides with female loops, and 2 sides with male pegs.

There are two parts to the SnapLock locking system: Loop & Peg
The image shown above is for demonstration purposes
(Bottom of tile shown)

Step 3

Place the next panel so that the pegs line up over the loops.

Step 4

Gently step on each panel. You will hear and feel it snap into place. Repeat these steps until your flooring is complete. That’s all there is to it!


Always begin the installation in one corner, pointing the female loops in the directions that additional tiles are to be added. See animation below.


All tiles on any given installation should ALWAYS HAVE THE FEMALE LOOPS GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.


CAUTION: If you inadvertently rotate a tile 90° it will snap into place but you will not be able to complete the installation properly.

Edge / Corner Pieces

When finished connecting tiles, it is time to add the corners & edges to the sides.  Use male or female depending on if the particular side is loop or peg.

Select Options:

9’x9′ Floor, 9’x19′ Floor, 10’x10′ Floor, 10’x20′ Floor, 20’x20′ Floor, Floor by Piece


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