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Expand Podium Packing System

Expand Podium Packing System
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Expand Podium Packing System


Includes:  Foam system used for protecting LinkWall’s hardware, graphic protecting bag and case.

Product Dimensions:
Open – 48.8″ w x 39.6″ h x 23.6″ d
Closed – 28.75″ w x 39.6″ h x 17.6″ d
Internal – 23.25″ w x 14″ – 16” d, 37.25”h

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Expand Podium Packing System

This Expand Podium Packing System case that can be turned into a marketing tool. Fit 3 Expand LinkWall units, 2 flexible links, and can also fit 3 spotlights, a tabletop and inner shelves for the counter.
It can be set up in an open or closed position. It provides a large surface when set up open, and provides an option for those small spaces setting it up closed.
Equipped with wheels for easy transportation, detachable shelves for storage and suitcase style to make it easier and safer to load.
Offers a variety of accessories such as monitor stand, header kiosk, brochure holders and more.


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