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OiO & OiOXL Mobile Event Pod

OiO & OiOXL Mobile Event Pod

Kit Includes:  (1) Aluminum Frame With Standard Clear Paneling, (1) White AirCell, (1) Door, (2) Interior Aluminum Shelves And, Laminate Flooring

Product Dimensions:
OiO: 100″W x 94″D x 90″H
OiO XL: 149″W x 94″D x 90″H

Construction:  Aluminum Fascia front and back
AirCell:  High frequency welded PVC foiled sells

Panel Options:  Clear (Standard), Tinted, Frosted, White Laminate

Fascia Options (Front and Back):  Full Bleed Vinyl, Vinyl Applique, Transparent Vinyl

AirCell Options:  Standard White, Fabric Wrap, Vinyl Applique, Custom Print Direct to Cell

Flooring Options:  Laminate, Rollable Wood Vinyl, Carpet, Custom Print

Add-ons And Accessories:  Additional Shelving, HVAC, Custom Interior Build-out, Self Contained Sink With Water

“For pricing, please call us for a quote 1-877-268-7469”

Our OiO and OiOXL Mobile Event Pod Rooms set up in just ten minutes! Provides a modern look and, a unique engineering. Features a flat-pack and fold-up frame that utilizes a hinging fascia on an integrated galvanized steel floor system. The floors are designed for use with a forklift and can be stacked on top of one another for storage and transportation. The fillings for the rear of the structure are high-impact trespa panels with options for clear or tinted glazed sections. The structure uses a lockable sliding door for ease of access. These units are wrapped and secured by a pressurized AirCell and can be branded inside and out. Each OiO is a blank canvas. Both models offer doors on front and back panels. These spaces work great for pop-up retail stores, mobile offices, meeting spaces, and any trade-show or events.


  • Clean industrial/architectural design that is weatherproof
  • Fully brandable
  • Uses a unique Flat-Pack Fold-Up frame
  • Floating floor clips into the main frame with cavity to run power and air
  • Designs are unique, iconic, contemporary
  • Door centered on front center (OiOXL)
  • Uses AirCells that are pressurized to create tension that gives its rigidity
  • Stack up to 8 on a pallet
  • Space in between AirCells is a natural insulator (cool and heat)
  • Climate control available
  • Fits 32 on a single truck
  • Floating floor clips into the main frame (no nuts and bolts)
  • Most deployments don’t require ballast or ground fixing
  • Lockable
  • Sets up in 10 minutes


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