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Magellan VK-2054

Magellan VK-2054

Kit Includes:
(1) Lightweight Engineered Aluminum Frame, (4) Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics, (2) MOD-1216 Counters with Shelf,  (1) Plex or Sintra Wings (1 set), (1) Tension Fabric Canopy, (3) Shelves, (4) 5 Watt LED Lights

Product Dimensions:
95.3″ H x 116″ W


Graphic Material:
Tension Fabric


Lightweight Engineered Aluminum Frame

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  • Backwall Shelves Laminate Options*

    2-Piece Wing Options

    Select One Substrate & One Color



    Pedestal Options

    Select One Substrate & One Color


    Sides Substrate*
    Sides Color*
    Sides Color*
    Sides Color*
    Front Substrate*
    Front Color*
    Front Color*
    Front Color*
    Top Laminate Color*

One look at the Magellan Hybrid Display line and you know this is a display system that defies cliches. Magellan Hybrids are shocking and alluring and imaginative and unlike any other exhibit anywhere. They’re not for the cautious or the faint of heart, which is why they attract so much attention. Designers love them because they challenge how graphics are presented to exhibit attendees. No straight lines. No true 90 degree angles.

The durable aluminum frame sets-up in less than 60 minutes for a 10 x 10 using quick-assist knobs, and the tension fabric graphics attach with Velcro. It’s that easy. When it’s time to go, there’s no worries since all parts are numbered and every component packs securely into custom die-cut foam packaging. Every part has a place, every component has a home. That’s the beauty of the Magellan Hybrid Displays.

Benefits and Features:

  • Durable Engineered Aluminum Frame
  • Vivid Tension Fabric Graphics
  • 10 ft. and 20 ft. Kits
  • Monitor, Workstation, and Pedestal Options
  • Easy Knob-assisted Assembly
  • Individually Numbered Components
  • Reusable Die-cut Foam Packaging
  • Roto-molded Case(s) with Wheels


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