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Inflatable Advertising Spheres

Inflatable Advertising Spheres

Kit Includes:  (1) Balloon, (1) 125′ Nylon Tether, (1) 5′ Inflation Hose, (1) Repair Kit, (1) Manual

Graphic Material:  Durbale PVC or Nylon

Graphic Options:  1 Color, 2 Colors, 2 Sided Digital, Full Digital


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Inflatable Advertising Spheres are sure to bring your message to new heights!

Our selection of Inflatable Advertising Spheres are the ultimate option for both large and small business advertising. All balloons are made from durable PVC or Nylon and manufactured with a UV inhibitor to protect them from fading.

The specially made material these balloons are made from is a 18mm thick closed cell material that is designed to perfectly hold in helium. This makes them ideal for outdoor use and much stronger than urethane balloons.

Included Kit Items:

  • PVC or Nylon balloon
  • Harness strings attached to ball from industrial strength anchors
  • 125ft. of Nylon tether line and spool
  • 5ft. inflation hose
  • Repair kit with excess material for small repairs
  • Instruction manual

How to Take Care of Your Helium Sphere:
Never fly your spheres on bad weather conditions. If the wind is above 20 miles per hour or if it’s raining, bring your sphere down or deflate and store.

Never over inflate your spheres with helium. Helium expands when the temperature rises and contracts when it’s cold. During the day the sphere may look more inflated or less inflated because of these temperature changes. When inflating the Helium Sphere take care to inflate to the point were it still gives when you press. Try to inflate when the temperature is higher so the helium is expanded. If the sphere over inflates the sphere could be damaged and it will be easier for outside objects to damage your sphere. In the case of over inflation, take some helium out until it feels firm but not tight.

Store your sphere in a safe and dry container and area. When storing the Helium Sphere make sure that it is clean an dry in order for it to have a longer life span

To clean a sphere use mild dishwasher soap diluted in water. Use a cloth damped with the cleaner and carefully spot clean the sphere , making sure not to damage the lettering or print. The more careful you are with your Helium Sphere the longer you will enjoy the balloon.

Maintaining Your Helium Sphere:
With proper care, handling, your inflatable should serve you well for an indefinite period. To clean, use warm water with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Dry it completely using another soft cloth. If the inflatable is not going to be used for several days, make sure that it’s clean and dry before storing in protective bag.

Printing Options

No Art, 1 Color, 2 Color, 2 Side Digital, Full Digital


5' PVC Air Balloon, 7' PVC Air Balloon, 10' PVC Air Balloon, 8' Nylon Air Balloon, 11' Nylon Air Balloon


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