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Guardrails / Siderails

Guardrails / Siderails

Kit Includes:  (1) Guardrail
Available Styles:
30″W Guardrail (GRS30)
36″W Guardrail (GRS36)
48″W Guardrail (GRS48)
3 Tier Trans-Port Back Guardrail (GRTPR3)
4 Tier Trans-Port Back Guardrail (GRTPR4)
Tapered 3 Tier Siderail 24″W (GRR24T)
Tapered 4 Tier Siderail 32″W (GRR32T)
Straight 3 Tier Siderail 24″W (GRR24S)
Straight 3 Tier Siderail 32″W (GRR32S)
Siderail 3 Tier Siderail (SGRTP3)
Siderail 4 Tier Siderail (SGRTP4)

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These tubular metal Stage Guardrails/Siderails keeps students safe during performances at special events, and it’s attaches securely to your portable stage for ultimate stability.

Available in 3 widths
Guardrails are bolted onto stage
Black thermofused powder coating
Drilling required to attach guardrails


30"W Guardrail, 36"W Guardrail, 48"W Guardrail, 3 Tier Trans-Port Back Guardrail, 4 Tier Trans-Port Back Guardrail, Tapered 3 Tier Siderail 24"W, Tapered 4 Tier Siderail 32"W, Straight 3 Tier Siderail 24"W, Straight 3 Tier Siderail 32"W, Siderail 3 Tier Siderail, Siderail 4 Tier Siderail


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