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Graphx Digitally Printed Flooring

Graphx Digitally Printed Flooring

Made in the USA

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Your hi-resolution images printed directly onto our flooring!

  • Custom Sizes and Shapes
  • Hi-Resolution photo quality graphics
  • CLEAR slip resistant over-laminate coating
  • Easy & Compact to ship

Please Note:
The floor is printed on is a durable vinyl with durable lay-flat rubber backing.  Chairs, high heels, etc.… may leave indentations that may or may not come back.  There is no warranty on printed flooring.



Price calculated upon selection.

GraFx Custom Printed  Rollable Vinyl Flooring: The latest addition to our selection of custom printed flooring is custom GraFx full color branded trade show flooring. Custom shapes and sizes are available.  What better way to distinguish your brand than with the ultimate, high quality, eye catching “experience.” 3D images, printed onto rollable vinyl can make it feel as if you are in a new dimension. Imagine transforming into a scene where you can walk in and immediately feel as if you are standing on a bridge crossing over a crevice. Perhaps the image portrays a floor falling out from underneath your feet. What better way to bring attention to your company’s vision than with 3D graphics. GraFx truly stands as a results-driven product; the possibilities are limitless.

Great For:  Trade Shows, Office, Events, Portrait Display, Job/Craft Fair, Playroom, Gaming Space, Museum, Entryway, Showroom, Standing Mats, Corporate Gifts.


  • HI-REZ Photo Quality Graphics
  • Durable Lay-Flat Rubber Backing
  • Floorscore Certified
  • Modular, Lightweight, High-density and Durable
  • Top Coated for Wear and Slip Resistance
  • Sets up in Minutes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made 100% in the USA!

SIZE:  Available in 10′ Widths
WEIGHT: .6 lbs. / sq. ft.
MATERIAL: Durable Vinyl with rubber backing
OPTIONS: Rotomolded 5′ Wheeled Case, Cardboard 5′ or 10′ Tube, Double-sided tape


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If you need replacement graphics or replacement parts that you can’t find online give us a call at 1-877-268-7469. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

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