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Formulate Hexagon Hanging Display

Formulate Hexagon Hanging Display

Kit Includes: (1) Frame, (1) Set of Graphics, (1) Carry Bag

Available Product Dimensions:

8’W x 2’H
8’W x 3’H
8’W x 4’H
8’W x 5’H
8’W x 6’H
10’W x 2’H
10’W x 3’H
10’W x 4’H
10’W x 5’H
10’W x 6’H
12’W x 2’H
12’W x 3’H
12’W x 4’H
12’W x 5’H
12’W x 6’H
14’W x 2’H
14’W x 3’H
14’W x 4’H
14’W x 5’H
14’W x 6’H
16’W x 2’H
16’W x 3’H
16’W x 4’H
16’W x 5’H
16’W x 6’H

Graphic Material:  Pillowcase Dye-Sublimated Stretch Fabric

Construction:  Aluminum


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Formulate Hexagon Hanging Display

Formulate™ Master and Designer Series hanging displays are made in the USA and are of the utmost quality and durability. Newly added to the extensive line of Master hanging structures are seven 3D shapes, including two illuminated options ideal for standing out on any show floor.


  • Formulate Master 3D Hexagon hanging structures come in several sizes: 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′ or 16′ diameter (i.e. maximum width).
  • The 8′ – 12′ wide base models are constructed with 30mm (1 1/8″) tubes and push-button connectors for simple assembly
  • The 14′ wide and larger frames are constructed with 50mm (2″) tubes and internal expanding spigot connectors for unmatched structural integrity
  • Engineer certified (structural engineer certificate available upon request)
  • Zippered pillowcase fabric graphics come standard with an opaque liner
  • Any frame comes standard with hanging hardware, bags and heavy-duty shipping and storage box(es)
  • Hexagon hanging structures can also be shipped in expandable rugged molded shipping cases (OCE; sold separately). The 8′ and 10′ wide models ship in 2 boxes/cases, while the larger sizes ship in 3.
  • Collapses to a fraction of its size
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Quick to set up

8'W x 2'H, 8'W x 3'H, 8'W x 4'H, 8'W x 5'H, 8'W x 6'H, 10'W x 2'H, 10'W x 3'H, 10'W x 4'H, 10'W x 5'H, 10'W x 6'H, 12'W x 2'H, 12'W x 3'H, 12'W x 4'H, 12'W x 5'H, 12'W x 6'H, 14'W x 2'H, 14'W x 3'H, 14'W x 4'H, 14'W x 5'H, 14'W x 6'H, 16'W x 2'H, 16'W x 3'H, 16'W x 4'H, 16'W x 5'H, 16'W x 6'H

Graphic Options

Single Sided, Double Sided


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