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Wall Signs

Wall Signs

Series WL or WP Dimensions Price per Unit (Hardware ONLY)
WL Series | Landscape Sample Sizes Shown Here.  Select More Sizes Below.
WL1 4″ w x 2.36″ h Silver or Black
WL53 18″ w x 18.19″ h Silver or Black
WP Series | Portrait
WP4 5″ w x 3.93″ h Silver or Black
WP82 36″ w x 18.19″ h Silver or Black

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Wall Signs

Our Wall Signs are offered in custom widths to meet your needs! There is a wide range of mountable sign frames available in both portrait and landscape orientations. The high quality extruded aluminum body comes equipped with impact-modified plastic molded end caps. You can choose between a top-to-bottom curve or left-to-right curved mount. The aluminum body is available in anodized silver or powder-coated black. Also, choose between grey or black impact-modified plastic end caps. The sign holder of your choice comes standard with a non-glare lens unless otherwise specified. Double-sided adhesive tape and holes for screw mount are optional.

Custom lengths are available, just call for a quote!

Download Setup Instructions

Display Options:

WL1-4"x2.36", WL2-6"x2.36", WL3-8"x2.36", WL4-10"x2.36", WL5-12"x2.36", WL6-14"x2.36", WL7-16"x2.36", WL8-18"x2.36", WL9-10"x3.93", WL10-12"x3.93", WL11-14"x3.93", WL12-16"x3.93", WL13-18"x3.93", WL14-20"x3.93", WL15-22"x3.93", WL16-10"x4.72", WL17-12"x4.72", WL18-14"x4.72", WL19-16"x4.72", WL20-20"x4.72", WL21-24"x4.72", WL22-12"x5.90", WL23-14"x5.90", WL24-16"x5.90", WL25-20"x5.90", WL26-24"x5.90", WL27-26"x5.90", WL28-12"x7.87", WL29-16"x7.87", WL30-18"x7.87", WL31-20"x7.87", WL32-24"x7.87", WL33-28"x7.87", WL35-14"x8.64", WL36-17"x8.64", WL37-20"x8.64", WL38-214"x8.64", WL40-14"x11.19", WL41-17"x11.19", WL42-20"x11.19", WL43-22"x11.19", WL44-28"x11.19", WL45-10"x12.19", WL46-12"x12.19", WL47-14"x12.19", WL48-18"x12.19", WL49-20"x12.19", WL50-28"x12.19", WL51-32"x12.19", WL52-17"x17.19", WL53-18"x18.19"


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