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ColorStar Floor Mat

ColorStar Floor Mat

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Available Sizes:
2’x 3’ | 3’ x 4’ | 3’ x 5’ | 3’ x 10’ | 4’ x 6’ | 4’ x 8’ | 4’ x 10’

Available Colors:
Bay Blue | Black | Brandy Wine | Brown Heather | Charcoal Heather | Cinnamon | Confetti | Dark Green | Deeper Navy | Forest Green | Golden Brown | Navy Spice | Red Heather | Shadow Mist | Slate Grey | Starry Night | Wine

Product Material Dimensions:
Fiber Type – Solution-dyed BCF 2 ply continuous filament nylon, type 6.0,5^½ twist output, heat set.
Weight – 20 ozs./sy/
Pile Height – 3/8″
Gauge – 3/8″
Construction – Cut Pile
Backing Type – 100% SBR Nitrile Rubber (20% Recycled Content) or 100% Nitrile Rubber
Thickness – .060″- SBR Rubber; .050″ – Nitrile Body or .090″ – Nitrile Body
Durometer – 65
Tensil – SBR Rubber = 1400 PSI; Nitrile Rubber = 1800 PSI

Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
ASTM C 1028-29 Static Coefficient of Friction. Dry 70
Anti-Static maximum average voltage of 1.6 KV as measured by the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Propensity Test and meets IBM’s minimum standard for electrical resistance (NFPA99).

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Our ColorStar mat features solution dyed nylon yarn. Solution Dyed nylon yarn offers superior color fastness and resistance to UV exposure. In addition to these benefits, these mats have a built-in anti-static feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity.
  • 10 year color-loss guarantee with Indoor use. Mats won’t fade due to cleaning.
  • Extra course solution-dyed nylon fibers in combination with traditional solution-dyed fibers create excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil stopping power.
  • Twisted heat-set 100% static-dissipative nylon resists crushing, traps dirt better and extends performance life.
  • Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content and is available in smooth or cleated backing types.
  • Also available with oil and grease resistant 100% nitrile rubber backing when applications call for additional protection.
  • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Recommended uses malls, banks, hotels, offices, restaurants, healthcare, supermarkets and more.

Vacuum Daily
Interior mats are constructed with either nylon or olefin surfaces designed to wipe residual soil, dust and moisture from shoes. They are most effective when used in conjunction with high performance entrance mats. They should be vacuumed daily using either a dry or wet/dry vacuum.

Routine Maintenance
As needed, interior mats should be cleaned and/or spot cleaned using a neutral cleaner followed by rinsing. If the mat becomes wet during the cleaning process, it should be allowed to dry thoroughly before returning to service. Nylon mats will require a longer drying period and should be positioned where they can drain during the drying process.

Deep Cleaning
Interior mats can be deep cleaned using any method used for carpeted floors. Andersen recommends using a neutral, solvent free cleaner if possible. In the event a solvent is used for removing oil, grease, or gum type spots, take care to thoroughly rinse the solvent from the mat before it is allowed to dry for return to service.

Floor Preparation
As with entrance mats, prior to the mat being put back into service, Andersen recommends that the floor where the mat will be placed be cleaned to remove dust and dirt. This will allow the mat to grip the floor more effectively reducing mat movement with traffic.


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