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Aspen Frame

Aspen Frame

Please call to order. (Pricing Information in “Description” tab below.)


Complete Kit Includes:
(1) Frame and (1) Graphic


Graphic Options:


Product Height Options:
2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′


Product Width Options:
2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′




Optional Accessories:
ide Foot
Flat Foot
Curved Foot
Wall Mount
Ceiling Hook
Aspen Light
Aspen Light Small


Product Information:

The Aspen Fabric Frame is a fantastic option for anyone looking for eye-catching pieces that won’t break a budget. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 2’W x 2’H all the way to 7’W x 8’H, the Aspen Fabric Frame can serve as a small accent piece or the primary focus of your display arrangement.

The edges of the fabric press into the frame making graphic installation and change out simple. Available in various width and height configurations as well as double sided display. Floor, ceiling and all mounted display is possible with the use of optional accessories.

  • Flat, Curved, and Side Fee
  • Wall, and Ceiling Mounting Options
  • Small or Large Lights
  • Art printed on Deco Display Fabric


Price calculated upon selection.


Download Graphic Template

Download Setup Instructions

Download Spec Sheet

Additional information


2'H x 2'W, 2'H x 3'W, 2'H x 4'W, 2'H x 5'W, 2'H x 6'W, 2'H x 7'W, 2'H x 8'W, 2'H x 10'W, 3'H x 2'W, 3'H x 3'W, 3'H x 4'W, 3'H x 5'W, 3'H x 6'W, 3'H x 7'W, 3'H x 8'W, 3'H x 10'W, 4'H x 2'W, 4'H x 3'W, 4'H x 4'W, 4'H x 5'W, 4'H x 6'W, 4'H x 7'W, 4'H x 8'W, 4'H x 10'W, 5'H x 2'W, 5'H x 3'W, 5'H x 4'W, 5'H x 5'W, 5'H x 6'W, 5'H x 7'W, 5'H x 8'W, 5'H x 10'W, 6'H x 2'W, 6'H x 3'W, 6'H x 4'W, 6'H x 5'W, 6'H x 6'W, 6'H x 7'W, 6'H x 8'W, 6'H x 10'W, 7'H x 2'W, 7'H x 3'W, 7'H x 4'W, 7'H x 5'W, 7'H x 6'W, 7'H x 7'W, 7'H x 8'W, 7'H x 10'W, 8'H x 2'W, 8'H x 3'W, 8'H x 4'W, 8'H x 5'W, 8'H x 6'W, 8'H x 7'W, 8'H x 8'W, 8'H x 10'W

Graphic Option

Single Sided, Double Sided


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