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Aspen Frame

Aspen Frame

Complete Kit Includes:   (1) Frame and (1) Graphic

Graphic Options:  Single, Double

Product Height Options:  2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′

Product Width Options:  2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′

Construction:  Aluminum

Optional Accessories:  Side Foot, Flat Foot, Curved Foot, Wall Mount, Ceiling Hook, Aspen Light, Aspen Light Small


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Aspen Frame

The Aspen Frame System is the perfect blend of class and versatility, great for showcase your brand, graphics, and message for the retail environment, trade shows, conferences, exhibits, restaurants or seminar. The sleek, silver Aspen Fabric Frame System, available in various widths and heights, singled or double-sided to create a sophisticated look for your fabric graphic. With the rubber beading edge, simply push the graphics into the frame recessed grooves to install. Remove SEG graphic and replace as current trends change. Hang from the ceiling, affix to the wall, or stand on the floor using different accessories.

This Aspen Frame is a sleek and modern way to help turn head, attract attention, and give your trade show exhibit a success.

Product Information:
The Aspen Fabric Frame is a fantastic option for anyone looking for eye-catching pieces that won’t break a budget. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 2’W x 2’H all the way to 7’W x 8’H, the Aspen Fabric Frame can serve as a small accent piece or the primary focus of your display arrangement.

The edges of the fabric press into the frame making graphic installation and change out simple. Available in various width and height configurations as well as double-sided display. Floor, ceiling and all mounted display is possible with the use of optional accessories.

  • Flat, Curved, and Side Fee
  • Wall, and Ceiling Mounting Options
  • Small or Large Lights
  • Art printed on Deco Display Fabric

Download Graphic Template

Download Setup Instructions

Download Spec Sheet


2'W x 2'H, 2'W x 3'H, 2'W x 4'H, 2'W x 5'H, 2'W x 6'H, 2'W x 7'H, 2'W x 8'H, 2'W x 9'H, 2'W x 10'H, 3'W x 2'H, 3'W x 3'H, 3'W x 4'H, 3'W x 5'H, 3'W x 6'H, 3'W x 7'H, 3'W x 8'H, 3'W x 9'H, 3'W x 10'H, 4'W x 2'H, 4'W x 3'H, 4'W x 4'H, 4'W x 5'H, 4'W x 6'H, 4'W x 7'H, 4'W x 8'H, 4'W x 9'H, 4'W x 10'H, 5'W x 2'H, 5'W x 3'H, 5'W x 4'H, 5'W x 5'H, 5'W x 6'H, 5'W x 7'H, 5'W x 8'H, 5'W x 9'H, 5'W x 10'H, 6'W x 2'H, 6'W x 3'H, 6'W x 4'H, 6'W x 5'H, 6'W x 6'H, 6'W x 7'H, 6'W x 8'H, 6'W x 9'H, 6'W x 10'H, 7'W x 2'H, 7'W x 3'H, 7'W x 4'H, 7'W x 5'H, 7'W x 6'H, 7'W x 7'H, 7'W x 8'H, 7'W x 9'H, 7'W x 10'H, 8'W x 2'H, 8'W x 3'H, 8'W x 4'H, 8'W x 5'H, 8'W x 6'H, 8'W x 7'H, 8'W x 8'H, 8'W x 9'H, 8'W x 10'H

Graphic Option

Single Sided, Double Sided


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