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Pop Ups 101 | Pop Up Evolution

Pop Up Displays are one of the most popular and long standing types of trade show displays for many reasons.  They are affordable, easy to use, easy to ship, easy to set up and tear down, lightweight, and offer a lot of surface area in your trade show booth at very little cost.  The typical popup display is around 8’-10’ wide and 8’ high, creating a nice back wall for your exhibit area.

Pop ups are available as straight units, curves, gullwings, and even island style for the trade show floor.  Table top pop ups but straight and curved are also available for 4’, 6’, and 8’ tables.  The most traditional pop-up is the 10’ curved pop-up.  This design has been around the longest.

Traditional 10′ Curved Graphic Pop-Up Display with Graphic Podium.


Traditional Pop Up Displays System

The traditional pop up system consists of an accordion-like frame that when removed from its UPS or FedEx shippable case expands and locks into a sturdy position.  Most often channel bars with magnetic strips are attached to the frame to receive flexible full color graphic or hook and look receptive fabric panels that also carry magnetic stripping along the edges.  Typically, the graphic panels are made of a sturdy inkjet laminate or Duraprint material and printed in full color.  The printed material is sturdier than vinyl and less likely to crease with repeat use, holding its form to create a solid graphic wall.  Once the panels are lined up and attached to the frame, the finished product is a large unified graphic image with your branding and/or company/product information.  These panels roll up easily and also fit within the same case that houses the frame for protection and ease of transport.

Hook and loop  fabric pop up panels attach to the pop up frame to create an almost seamless wall.  With hook and loop receptive fabric you can interchange or move countless graphics or photos with hook and loop backing instead of committing to one particular design.

Fabric Pop-up with Hook and Loop Receptive Fabric for detachable Graphics

Backlit Fabric Pop Up Panels

People that go to a range of trade show exhibits utilize the fabric pop up for this reason.  You can easily use a printed graphic header, for example, made of the same inkjet laminate or Duraprint with hook and loop backing.  It smoothly wraps along the top of your pop up with little fuss and can easily be swapped out for different purposes.

10 Ft 4 Bubble Sample DisplayPop Up Booth utilizing a backlit graphic bubble panel

Fabric Pop Up Booth

To amp up your fabric or graphic pop up booth there is an array of accessories to choose from.  Halogen or LED stem lights easily clamp onto the frame and light up your display.  If you are looking for a little more drama, add a backlit header with hardware to add some dimension and light to your display.  Standard opaque panels can be replaced with bubble graphic panels that can be backlit.  Small monitors or Ipads can also be mounted between the panels of the pop-up as well as various types of shelving for lightweight applications.

Island Display Exhibit
Example of a Pop-up Display utilizing Backlit Panels

Portable Tension Fabric Backlit Displays Backwall

Over the past 20 years pop up displays have stretched beyond the features characteristic of a traditional pop-up and moved into new styles and materials.  The traditional pop-up still reigns supreme but there are now some new designs that fall under the pop-up umbrella.

Some pop-up designs have moved beyond the flexible, rollable graphics into full color fabric panels.  This innovation is simple, but effective.  By using 1 large full color piece of fabric, you eliminate the worry of having to line up more than one graphic panel.  There are no cuts along the print so a graphic designer would not have to worry about a word or letter falling on a seam.  Instead of magnetic backing, the large fabric panel has hook and loop backing as do the hubs or channel bars.  You simply wrap the large graphic from one side to the other.  The graphic fabric panel also folds up nicely and fits into the shipping case.

Backlit Fabric Backwall DisplaysThe Hop up is a full color Pop-Up with one solid panel graphic

3-D Pop Up Displays System

For even less fuss, some pop-up systems with full color fabric panels actually have a zipper sewn in.  The fabric is constructed like a large, stretchy pillow and once the frame is assembled it is simply inserted into the fabric pillow.  The fabric is stretched over the frame and zipped up to create a taut, seamless presentation.

In some pop-up applications, the traditional accordion style frame has been replaced with a contoured aluminum hollow tubing.  The tubes have male/female connections that easily pop into place to create a large straight or curved wall to receive the graphic.  Because of the simplicity of this frame design there are less parts to keep up with (such as channel bars) and less parts to replace over the years!

Last but not least, 3-D Pop-ups offers a more three dimensional slant on both the traditional pop-up and full color fabric pop-up.  Like the traditional pop-up, the 3-D Pop-up has an accordion like frame but within that frame there are boxed sections.  Within each section is an opportunity for a graphic or layers of graphics that clip to each side of section.  The fabric graphic panels can be semi transparent or opaque, creating a three dimensional visual effect in each section.

3-D Pop Up Trade Show DisplaysExample of 3-D Pop-up.

The shapes of these type of pop-ups are limitless.  You can have a pyramid style frame, column, rectangle, curved corner, a single cube and so on.  Each section of the display can be used for graphics or simply lighting effects.  You can even make a section a projector screen, framed by graphic panels on all sides.

Triangle 3-D Pop Up DisplaysAnother of 3-D Pop-up.

Pop up display booths are timeless, effective marketing tools for a reason.  There are cost effective, versatile, and easy to use at any show or presentation and can easily wow your audience.  They can easily transform a space and bring the focus to your brand and message.

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