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Pop Up Trade Show Displays – A Buyers Guide


As stated above, this is the classic display that easily comes together to fill up a space. Add graphics, shelves, monitor holders, bubble panels, back lighting and make different shapes to suit your particular needs.

Order with fabric or graphic panels or add a podium wrap that covers the case and creates an opportunity for branding and gives you the utility of a counter (without the podium wrap, you have to hide or store the case).

We recommend, due to the drop in prices for graphics to order Mural Kits, which include printed graphic panels.



“Accordion out” for quick set up. Usually they are made of lightweight round aluminum tubes joined together at “hub’s, which allow struts (channel bars) to be hung for extra support. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime frame warranty for this part of the display. (Check the warranty details for each model) The design allows the frame to be easily collapsed and packed away in a case for storage and shipping.


Struts or Channel Bars:

These are vertical frame supports that make the frame a little stronger and allow the panels to be hung using magnets. They attach in various non-complex ways to the frame hubs. Some slip on. Others use magnets or a clip on design. Some allow the attachment of lights at the top or have notches in the center to hang shelves or monitor holders. For standard systems, struts are used in the front and sides, unless you are adding panels to the back.



  • Traditional pop ups offer and ease of set up and portability that is missing from custom exhibits.
  • Quick set up allows someone to display with a pop up exhibit in more and varied venues. This is important when you have to get in, set up quickly, have your presentation and move on.
  • Fabric unprinted versions that allow graphic attachment with Hook & Loop gives exhibitors the opportunity to change out graphics easily from show to show. Let’s say your company exhibits at multiple trade shows for different things; this lets you have a different set of graphics for each show.
  • Mural graphic printed pop ups offer on of the highest impact looks, depending on the graphics.
  • The kits are usually self-contained units with everything packed inside the case and ready to be set up. If the pop up is all you are using, then all you worry about is one case.
  • Pop up wall displays are affordable.
  • They are reusable and can last for years if properly taken care of during set-up, tear down and packing.
  • These displays are adaptable & flexible. Showcase products and graphics, hang monitors, present using backlighting, utilize slat wall, add bubble panels, make different display shapes and much more. This is one reason, they are considered as a standard display for trade shows.




Standard pop up frames are used, but they are more beefy with extra frame connectors or locks. The tubes used are sometimes thicker and the frame usually has a deeper footprint.
Setting up the frame is pretty much the majority of the work in set up which reduces time in getting ready for a presentation, so this type of pop up is great for not only trade shows, but any presentation where you need a quick set up.



  • Ease of set up and portability.
  • Tension fabric graphics are usually left attached to the pop up frame. This is a huge benefit in how long it takes to set up the display and pack it down.
  • The graphic is one-piece, which means you don’t have multiple panels to hang (or damage in the process).
  • Fabric graphic panels cannot be crimped or have permanent creases inflicted upon them like traditional mural panels can. Fabric graphics can be folded and have any wrinkles steamed out. Since they are pulled taught, this also minimizes wrinkles.
  • The different shapes of tension fabric pop ups offer unique design options and can be combined with other types of displays and accessories for effect and utility.




This is a fairly strong pop up frame that doesn’t use struts. Special hubs allow the attachment of the flags to the frame, which is more open with fewer or no X’s in the frame quadrants.

This allows the flags to be hung in various patterns for different effects.



  • Set up is a breeze.
  • Graphic flags are usually left on the frame, just like tension fabric pop ups.
  • Graphic flags of different shapes and configurations offer unique and unlimited design options.
  • Truly unique shapes that other pop up systems don’t offer.
  • Display products and graphics effectively due to the open nature of the frame.
  • 3D Pop ups offer many presentation solutions that bleed over in point of purchase, exhibiting, demonstrations and product displays.


All Pop Ups:

  • Take care of your display and it will last a long time. Try to store it in an air-conditioned environment and avoid hot warehouses with high humidity. Pack and store the display correctly to avoid damage. Handle the graphics without causing creases, crimps or tears.
  • Take pictures of how the case is packed and set up. Keep them in the case along with set up instructions. This will save you from making a mistake in repacking and show you what it is supposed to look like all set up. Good idea for custom configurations.
  • When opening a pop up frame, hold it in the middle and expand. Don’t open from the side, in the air or at an angle. Keep it on your surface.
  • Put your contact information inside the case. In the event your display gets lost in transit or the shipping information gets damaged, someone can figure out who it belongs to. I would put contact information inside the top and in the case itself.

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