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Graphic Walls Get Noticed

Large, wall sized graphics offer a lot of advantages!

First of all, they are easier to see from the trade show aisle and depending on the design, have more impact.  This means that trade show attendees who on the average, take a split second to notice your booth will have more of a chance of visiting your exhibit if you use larger graphics.  This is the whole point of exhibiting in the first place.  You can also focus on a core message or brand very easily.  The idea is to draw people in to give you a chance to hand out supporting info or give your sales pitch to qualified prospects.  Smaller graphics on banner stands can be used to support the core message too along with other support items like printed directors chairs, printed trade show flooring and even printed t-shirts.

There are several ways to produce wall sized graphics!

Tension Fabric Displays

Give us unique shapes and sizes that easily display large graphics.  Usually fabric graphics are stretched over a frame like a pillow case to finish off the shape.  The advantage is tension fabric displays are lightweight and easily pack down.  They are also used as hanging displays such as rings and pyramids at trade shows.

Graphic Walls Get Noticed Tension Fabric Displays

Pop Up Displays 

Effective and updated, Pop Up Exhibits offer ease of set up and a modern presentation.  A variety of styles to choose from.

Graphic Walls Get Noticed Pop Up Displays

Hybrid Exhibits

Are another way to use either standard inkjet laminated graphics or full color dye sublimation graphics (fabric graphics).  Hybrids offer a scaled up style over pop ups.

Graphic Walls Get Noticed Hybrid Displays

Truss Trade Show Display Exhibits

Utilize this beautiful architectural component for many looks from high tech to industrial.  Truss is also great for supporting huge graphics.  Because of its structural integrity, large graphics that stretch into the air can be supported.

Graphic Walls Get Noticed Truss Trade Show Displays

Pipe & Drape

You don’t have to be stuck using the standard pipe & drapes that make up your exhibit booth.  Fully printed drapes can be added in full color and can be reused at other events.  We also have graphics that can cover over existing pipe and drape.  The Booth Banner

Graphic Walls Get Noticed Pipe & Drape Displays

If budget is a big concern

for a particular trade show, there are ways to cut the cost dramatically and still make a graphic wall of sorts.  One way is to order a large banner and hang it on the existing pipe and drape. The problem is that banners of this size either have to be folded for shipping causing creases or rolled up into a very long shipping tube (almost 8’).  Another way is to order custom printed drapes for your exhibit booth.  Booth Buddy.   Ganged up banner stands is another way to produce a custom graphic wall and have a dramatic effect.  Simply have 3-5 banner stands printed using on large image, which is divided up by the banner stands.  Obviously edges will show, so the overall design needs to work this in.

However you approach it, graphic walls are great for attracting attention.  Just visualize two trade show booths.  In one, there is a table with a small table top display, covered in graphics.  In the other booth there is a huge, well designed graphic wall with a core message and dynamic image screaming out to be noticed.  Which would you rather have?

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