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Does the Pop Up Still Make It for Your Company?

Nothing seems to be easier to set up than a pop up display.  You open the case, pull out the pop up frame, hang channel panels and you are all set.  The problem is that EVERYONE seems to be using pop ups at trade shows.  So why not set the tone in your category and really stand out by stepping up to the next level of exhibiting.

Examples of Pop-Up Displays



Hybrid trade show displays and truss exhibits are a natural fit for an exhibitor needing to make a bigger splash at an important trade show than a simple pop up can deliver.  Hybrid and truss displays are still portable, easy to set up and offer a host of creative options such as color choices, counters, graphics presentation, monitor holders and many custom features.  But beyond all of this, these mid-level displays offer a more updated and modern look.  They look expensive, custom and impressive all in one space and compared to other trade show displays, offer a lot of bang for your buck.


A hybrid exhibit consists of a mixture of aluminum extrusions, lights, counters, graphics and panels.  Sounds simple?  That’s OK, because this simple mixture of elements offers a big variety of custom looking exhibiting power!  Hybrids come in different shapes and sizes from a variety of manufacturers, but the idea is all the same.  A standard hybrid may consist of 2 uprights with header and/or canopy top along with a large center graphic and wings.  LCD monitors can be attached and graphics can be applied to the header, wings and optional free standing counters.  The wings are cut into sleek shapes that accent the unit and we have made them with milk-plex, sintra or sintra with graphics.  The system seems custom but is very portable with all components packing down into flat exhibit cases for shipping via FedEx or UPS.  Graphics can be laminated inkjet panels or fabric full color dye-sublimation graphics (fabric graphics).  The advantage with the fabric graphics are that they attach tightly and fold down.  The laminated graphics need to be rolled up and are more susceptible to shipping damage.  Large center graphics can be broken up by dividing the display using more uprights.  This is great for displays that are wider than 10’.  The only downside to hybrids displays when compared to pop up displays are they are more complicated to set up.  But most of our customers find that they systems are designed well enough that set up is still easy; even with one person.

Examples of Hybrid Displays



Truss Trade Show Exhibits also use metal and graphics for a custom presentation, but truss is much more customizable.  Our custom truss products can be configured for literally limitless designs and shapes.  We offer a variety of different truss types, some of which can be combined to make unique exhibits.  Also, we can powder coat our custom trusses in different colors to coordinate with a color scheme.  You can even use multiple colors in one system for effect. Very large graphics are easily displayed with truss whether using the beefier 2” tube cords or the sleek ¾” custom truss.  There are a variety of ways to attach graphics to truss by using magnets, hook and loops or graphic clips.  Banners with grommets can be easily tied to truss too.  Most custom truss breaks down and packs into crates, but we also offer truss that can be shipped in smaller exhibit cases (flat or panel cases).  Some of the smaller truss kits resemble a hybrid display, and offer a roughly similar look, but on the floor truss and hybrids will look strikingly different.  Truss is a beautiful design (and structural) metal element you may have seen in buildings.  Over the years, it has been re-engineered for the display and exhibit industry to make truly breath taking designs.  We have literally helped thousands of customers with their truss needs and have seen some really creative exhibits using truss; some of which we have designed ourselves.

Examples of Truss Displays


For your next trade show display, consider stepping up to the next level.  It could make a huge difference in your exhibiting success.


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