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Pop Up Displays: Graphic Mural or Fabric Panels?

If you are in the market for a pop up display and are trying to decide between ordering graphic mural panels or fabric panels, there are some advantages to each choice.

Graphic Mural Panels


It is hard to beat the impact that a full color design on a pop up wall can have at a trade show or other event.  The right design can pique the interest of trade show attendees and lead them into your booth.  Mural panels offer a non-cluttered, seamless look and are very effective in displaying 1-2 large ideas.  Picture a large dynamic image with company identification along with an effective tag line.
A single idea can be dramatically conveyed with the right image and turn simple pop up displays into attention grabbing magnets.

Panels are easy to attach to the pop up frame and roll up to fit inside the case for shipping.  Always roll graphics image side out to prevent de-lamination.  Mural panels are printed on an opaque material with lamination on the face for protection and to minimize glare.  Don’t forget to add a graphic podium wrap for your case to add even more impact.

The cost of pop up mural panels has dropped significantly over the years and many exhibitors find them very affordable and easy to replace.

When ordering, try to budget at least a couple of weeks lead time for production & proofing plus shipping transit time.  You should order an electronic PDF proof to verify layout as well as a hard copy proof to verify color.  If there are any changes, this could slow down the entire process so it is advisable to start early and give yourself as much time as possible.

Fabric Panels


Pop up fabric panels offer flexibility by allowing detachable graphics to hook and loop onto them.  If you need to change out graphics often for different trade shows or presentations, then fabric panels on pop up displays may serve you better than mural panels.  For example, we have a customer that owns two companies and he needed to use one pop-up for different shows. He simply had two sets of detachable graphics made.  At a particular show, he would hook and loop on the appropriate graphics.

Fabric panels are made of fire retardant display fabric that is hook and loop receptive or “graphic ready.”  Fabric panels also easily attach to the pop up frame and are rolled up for shipping.  There are more than 50 different colors to choose from that can be mixed and matched for different looks.  Back panels can also be ordered for pop ups that will display information on both sides.

The cost of fabric panels are much lower than mural panels and are available for shipping sooner.  You can also order a combination of fabric and graphic panels. For example, some customers opt to use fabric end panels and mural center panels.

One last advantage of fabric panels is for “emergency graphics.”   This happens when your detachable graphics get lost or damaged in shipping to your event and you suddenly have to scramble for replacements.  If you have mural panels, you could be out of luck.  But with fabric panels, all you have to do is visit your local FedEx Kinko’s and get something printed up in a few minutes or hours.  Attach hook and loop to the backs of your replacement graphics and you are ready to go.

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