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6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Pop Up Display

The design for pop up displays is truly remarkable and amazing. A lightweight portable wall, that brings presence and solidity to your presentation practically anywhere. This display is very versatile, not to mention easy on the budget compared to most other types of exhibits for trade shows.

However, it is still easy to make your presentation look like a high school science fair display board if it lacks some basic design ideas. One huge mistake that some companies make is treating the pop up like a big message board, loading it up with enlargements of brochures and low quality pictures. This can confuse visitors to your exhibit booth by making your message extremely confused. It can also knock your company down a few notches in the eyes of your potential customers.

Mural Sized Graphics

Let’s face it. The average pop up display is a 10′ wide by almost 8′ high curved back wall. Many are sold with a fabric skin that accepts hook and loop graphics (detachable graphics).

A Mural Pop Up uses full color graphic panels instead of fabric. The 10′ curve graphic mural pop up gives you the opportunity to attendees a huge billboard as they walk by. Don’t show small stuff here…show a huge well designed image that covers your whole back wall with a strategically placed message and you can’t help but attract attention. Trade Show Displays.


Dry Cut Graphics

Since we are on the subject of graphics, there is a great technique to give some dimension to your pop up trade show display. A dye cut graphic forgoes the standard geometrically stable, rectangular shaped graphic. It is shaped outside the box in any shape you need to make your point… a cut out figure reaching out of the confines of the pop up.

Let’s say you design wheels for race cars. Take your best looking wheel image, enlarge it to an exaggerated size and cut out the shape (dye-cut). Hook and loop it onto your pop up (fabric pop up only) and have it bleed over the edge of your display. Instant Impact. Most dye cut graphics are printed and cut by precision equipment, so the result looks very good.


Podium Kits

A case to podium kit takes your pop up travel case and converts it into a podium or portable counter. The case is “wrapped” with either fabric or graphic panels and a plastic or wood top finishes off the podium for presentation. It looks good and supporting graphics can help accent your booth.

Also, because the case is being utilized, it doesn’t have to be hidden behind the display, which usually results in it sticking out in an awkward way.


Bubble Panels

Bubble panels are backlit graphic mural panels that attach to the face of a pop up. Lights are hung behind the graphic for the backlit effect. The bubble panel actually curves outward, away from the curve of the pop up (bubble is convex, pop up is concave).

This gives the pop up booth a great 3D look. The rest of the pop up usually is not backlit, but you can accent the bubble panel with a backlit header (read below).


Backlit Headers

Backlit headers stretch across the face of the pop up. Like the bubble panel, they are lit from behind to add light to your display and brighten things up. Light bleeds down onto the face of the pop up while back lighting your header.

Great in combination with a mural kit, but you need to design the entire display as one unit (Mural graphic skin & Header) Backlit headers usually attract the eye much better than front lit headers (another form of detachable graphic)


Monitor Mounts

What paints a picture better than video? With pop up monitor mounts you can attach an LCD monitor to your pop up display showing a continuous sale pitch designed to sell attendees on your product or service when you are tied up with other prospects. You can also use monitors to demonstrate something. The idea is that video will bring life to your display in a way that stationary graphics can’t.

Is the standard pop up your cup of tea? It is important to choose the right kind of exhibit for your exhibititing needs. We offer most kinds of trade show displays on the market from table top to island hybrid trade show exhibits.


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