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About Banjo Cloth

Need to save money on your Pipe & Drape order?
Banjo cloth may be the answer.

Banjo cloth is a polyester fabric used predominately for trade shows and other special events.  The fabric is inexpensive, lightweight and is made with an open weave.  This open weave allows light to shine through, so if you need a fabric that blocks out light, Banjo may not be for you.  Banjo offers a unique, textured surface with a sheen that has the appearance of woven fabric.

Banjo cloth is great for tight budgets and serves the purposes of many trade show products like table skirts and drapery for exhibit pipe & drape (booths).  It is naturally flame retardant and comes in a variety of colors.  Custom sizes are available and the fabric for draperies includes a pocket for supports bars for exhibit pipe.  Also, it is lightweight, so shipping it is less expensive than heavier fabrics.

The downside of banjo cloth depends on your needs for exhibit fabrics.  If consistent colors from dye lot to dye lot are important, this may not be the fabric for you.  Due to the way Banjo is made, we cannot guarantee that a color you purchase today will be the same color you purchase a couple of years from now.  (This difference, though slight is still worth mentioning) Since Banjo uses an open weave, some users of this fabric will notice that light bleed occurs.  This may not be an issue if the fabric is used indoors and up against other walls or booths.  At a trade show, for example, banjo cloth used for back wall drapes in an exhibit booth usually has a display placed in front of it and behind it, so light bleed isn’t really a problem.

Cleaning: You can use a washing machine to clean banjo, but wash in cold water with light detergent and dry with low heat.  Washing will not affect the fabric’s natural flame retardant properties.

Color Swatches

Banjo Cloth Quick Facts

Polyester Fabric
Wrinkle resistant
Naturally Flame Retardant (each order ships with a certificate)
Surface texture appears woven with a sheen
Weight per yard is 4.8 ounces
Drapery panels are lighter than other heavier fabrics
Open weave (light can shine through)
Color can vary between dye lots
Custom colors are available
Fabric swatches are available

Banjo cloth continues to be a cornerstone fabric in the trade show industry with a history stretching back decades.

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