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Outdoor Flying Flag Banners

Flying flag banners are usually outdoor banners that have a staked end that allows a business to advertise outdoors with an extremely tall, free standing banner. Some flying flag banners, for example can stretch as high as 16 feet into the air! Otherwise known as flag banners or advertising flags, flying flag banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of the wind movement, these types of banner stands attract a lot of attention easily and effectively.



Teardrop banners are oval shaped on one end, resembling a tear. You can see them staked in the ground to announce a grand opening along a busy road.










Feather banners are more flag shaped, though much larger and are great for advertising a brand.












sail3Kite banners look like kites and swivel in the wind. They are very effective because movement attracts the eye.













sail4Sail banners are another product that can rotate in the wind and have a lot of appeal.









sail5Wing banners look like wings are curved on the outside with a strong straight line opposite.



All of these styles of flying banners can be used inside at trade shows, on concrete outdoors by using a cross base stand (usually comes with the hardware).

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