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Free Standing Monitor Stands by Peerless

Free Standing Monitor Stands by Peerless

These attractive, yet robust and functional, Free Standing Monitor Stands are ideal for a wide variety of applications and settings from signage solution, temporary exhibits, boardrooms, training rooms, and lobbies to classrooms, auditoriums or exhibition halls.

  • Made in the US
  • Variety of Sizes
  • LCD to Plasma Mount Available
  • Universal Adapter Plates Available
    Note: Monitor is not included
Free Standing Monitor Stands

For 32″ to 60″ Plasma and LCD Flat Panel Screens

Perfect for conference rooms, lobbies or convention centers, the Flat Panel Display Stand provides a safe and secure solution for displaying digital content in public areas. Its versatile functionality and solid engineering enable you to display a single screen, two screens back to back or even four screens (requires additional accessory) in either landscape or portrait orientations. The integrated security fasteners lock the screens in place, virtually eliminating theft. Additionally, internal cord management completely hides all wires and cables giving your display a clean, professional look while eliminating the possibility of accidental tripping on or snagging of cords


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For Up to 90″ Plasma and LCD Flat Panel Screens

The only stand on the market designed to hold and extra large flat panels. The FPZ-670 easily supports up to two 90″ screens back-to-back on one of the sharpest looking, most robust and functional stand ever. Its internal cable management system conceals cables and cords. This stand is complemented by its study base that provides plenty of concealed room for content drivers and surge protectors. It is the ideal stand for any application.


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For 10″ to 30″ LCD Screens
Black or Silver

The LCD Pedestal Stand offers a great mounting solution for 10″ to 30″ LCD screens in auditoriums, gymnasiums, broadcast studios, retail settings, and anywhere an LCD screen needs to be mounted on a pedestal. This versatile unit features height adjustment, swivel and internal cord management. the LCD Pedestal Stand can be free-standing or bolted down to the floor.


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Compatible With: 

  • Flat Panel Display Stand

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Compatible With: 

  • Flat Panel Display Stand

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