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modular plastic building blocks

Camelback Displays offers a modular plastic building blocks systems of oversized plastic blocks that facilitates the construction of all types of objects for your trade shows, exhibits or special events. It’s quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size.

Anything you’ve constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects, making Modular Plastic Building Blocks a unique green building method.


Using Modular Plastic Building Block Systems, build intricate portable back walls, modular platforms, display niches, expandable podiums, ledges and all types objects. Run power within the exhibition booth wall for lighting, screens, and other accessories, or illuminate display walls with LED lighting strips to create dramatic visual experiences.

Because of Modular Plastic Building Blocks’ unique design, you can transport your custom trade show booths and portable exhibits compactly and efficiently, minimizing shipping and drayage fees.


Build backdrops for stages, walls for hanging art and signs, and incredible decor such as enclosures for center poles, podiums for lighting or floral displays, generator screening, and room delineation.  From modular seating to modular shelving and from event furniture to office furniture there are so many things you can build with Modular Plastic Building Block Systems.

modular plastic block lectern podium

Modular Plastic Block Podiums

Create beautiful reconfigurable podiums that are modular and expandable that grab attention.

modular plastic block risers

Modular Plastic Block Risers

Create customized runways for fashion shows, platforms for dancing, displays and podiums for speakers, vehicles, and objects, and other raised surfaces and risers for bands, dining, and other applications.

modular plastic blocks furniture

Modular Plastic Block Furniture

Create modular benches, tables, chairs, side boards for all types of objects that grab attention and draw visitors in.

modular plastic blocks trade show booth

Modular Plastic Block Trade Show Booths

Build intricate portable back walls, trade show booths, display niches, modular platforms, expandable podiums, ledges and all types objects.

modular plastic blocks displays counters

Modular Plastic Block Counters

Create amazing, attractive and eye-catching modular sales counters for event use, home use, or event in your office and other applications from a variety of styles and sizes and make customization as needed.


modular features blocks
Modular Plastic Building Blocks are easily reconfigure, transport, and re-assemble your designs in minutes and re-use blocks for all types of projects.

Each module is designed to connect easily with the parts above and below, using a pressure fit which creates a strong link between blocks. Because of its unique lug system, you can stagger Modular Plastic Building Block in 3″ increments, to create all types of patterns.

Each block is hollow, but contains support ribs for additional strength and to provide a tight fit with the connector lugs below.

Choose between different sized blocks and finishing caps, as well as 15 standard colors, to create objects for all types of uses.


block bottom view
Modular Plastic Building Blocks modules are chemical and water resistant and can stand up to abuse. Use them indoors or outdoors and in dry or wet environments.

Modular Plastic Building Blocks are manufactured using a durable, high-quality, polypropylene co-polymer and as such can handle the the stresses of repetitive use.   This material is easily cleaned, non-absorbent, and won’t leach harmful chemicals.

All Modular Plastic Building Blocks modules contain UV inhibitors to prevent fading in sunlight and meet UL94HB, flammability standards.

modular plastic full block

Full Block

12″L x 6″W x 6″H (+1″ for lugs) – 2.2 lbs.

modular plastic half block

Half Block

6″L x 6″W x 6″H (+1″ for lugs) – 1.1 lb.

modular plastic quarter block

Quarter Block

3″L x 6″W x 6″H (+1″ for lugs) – 0.5 lb.

modular plastic block cap

Finishing Block Cap

12″L x 6″W x 1.1″H – 0.25 lb.

modular plastic block 24in shelf

24″ Shelf

modular plastic block 36in shelf

36″ Shelf

modular plastic block 48in shelf

48″ Shelf

modular plastic block 72in shelf

72″ Shelf

modular plastic block 48in lintel

48″ Lintel

modular plastic block block foot

Block Foot

Wide Selection of Colors

We offer a wide palette of colors, enabling you to match design needs, corporate colors, event themes, or other color requirements. Mix and match colors as needed to build beautiful and dramatic creations.

modular plastic block black


modular plastic block blue


modular plastic block brown


modular plastic block dark grey

Dark Grey

modular plastic block light grey

Light Grey

modular plastic block light blue

Light Blue

modular plastic block green


modular plastic block orange


modular plastic block pink


modular plastic block purple


modular plastic block red


modular plastic block translucent


modular plastic block white


modular plastic block yellow


Premium Colors:

modular plastic block gold


modular plastic block silver


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