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How Green Are We?

In the world we live in, being green is more than a trend.  It’s a necessary mindset dire to the survival of future generations, wildlife, and earth itself.   Many cities in the United States now offer free curbside recycling in most residential areas.  Businesses often feature recycling programs at minimum and extend their green efforts to the daily office routine with energy and material efficient practices such as paperless filing, recycle bins and dumpsters, energy efficient electronic solutions, and eco-friendly or sustainable office supplies.

How does that extend to the trade show industry?

Many of Camelback’s trade show displays are inherently “green” in different ways from the inks we print with to the products being manufactured using post consumer recycled plastics and recycled aluminum.

Our Magnetix Pop-up Display line for example, features velcro receptive fabric display panels made of recycled plastic milk bottles.  This post consumer waste is melted down and reconstructed in a polymer mixture to create SO MANY types of products and materials from the panels listed above to durable lumber for outdoor furnishings such as adirondack chairs.  It is the now/next super material that is effective, durable, and brilliant because it comes from our very own recycle bin to the factory and back to us in a new form.

Magnetix Serpentine Pop Up Display

Camelback’s Budget Fabric Pop Up Displays have an Eco-Fi velcro receptive fabric option which is also made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and the frames utilize recycled aluminum.  We also print with Eco-solvent inks!

Eco-friendly 10' Pop-up Display

The Magnetix pop-up system also features 70% recycled aluminum for framing and LED lighting for low energy consumption with optimal lighting performance.  Printed panels are made of eco-friendly Bio-Flex and the rotomolded shipping case is also made of recycled resin.  The Magnetix is also manufactured in the United States as are many of our products thus reducing the cost of fuel.

On many of our displays and banners not only do we strive for greener products, but we also strive for lightweight yet sturdy products that will help in decreasing fuel costs in transit.

Camelback Displays also features trade show products that incorporate bamboo.  Bamboo is a sustainably grown wood and renewable resource (See What is Bamboo?) that is used in thousands of ways, replacing other woods that have depleted the forests of the world.  Our bamboo banner stands feature over 70% bamboo hardware construction with full color graphics digitally printed on 7 mil. Recyclable vinyl and features fade resistant recyclable UV inks.  Our bamboo line also features flooring and directors chairs!

Rollable Bamboo Flooring                                                                                                                                                        Bamboo Directors Chair

What else does Camelback offer that is green?

The products listed above are just the highlights.  We have green products in just about every category.

  • Our Soft Floors, Soft Carpets and Soft Wood Floors utilize 20% recycled material and are 100% recyclable!
  • We offer a large selection of LED lighting, which is inherently green with low energy requirements and optimal performance.  See our LED green lighting solutions
  • Camelback’s Eco Poly Poplin throw covers available printed and unprinted in a spectrum of colors and sizes is made of 100% recycled fiber and plastics.

Eco Poly Poplin Table Covers

To learn more about our vast array of exclusive green products please explore our Green Products section!  Become a “green” exhibitor and help preserve our planet.

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