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Have a Sales Presentation?

How to Create an Effective Sales Presentation to educates prospective customers.

Sales PresentationRetractable Banner Stands Set Up Fast!

Today at 10am you have an important presentation in a conference room downtown. You have about 2 minutes to get set up, all the while you need to chat with your hosts while you organize your papers, set up your laptop and display your banner stand.

It is important to not look rushed, but you can’t take your time either. When it comes to your banner stands, you don’t want the set up to be complicated. It has to be easy!bs2

That’s where retractable banner stands come in.

All you have to do is pull the base out of your carrying bag and pull up the banner to the top of the support pole. That’s it! 15-30 Seconds…tops!

Now that the banner stand is all set up, you have a nice supporting graphic that is big enough to make an impact while you speak. No muss, no fuss!

Remember the retractable movie screens from high school?

Retractable banner stands work by using tension to roll the banner up inside of a base. The banner retracts out of the enclosed base just like an old movie projector screen.

When you are done with the presentation, the banner is simply retracted back into the base.

Retractable banner stands can be used for sales presentations, trade shows, office lobbies, retail stores…anywhere you need a banner in a high traffic area.

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