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Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands & Stations are a great way to build confidence and maintain a healthy environment at your location.   Camelback Displays offers a full line of sanitizing stands for multiple use locations.  Stations can be branded with custom graphics and signage.  They are easy to set up and move from location to location as needs change.  Great for retail locations, hotels, restaurants, schools universities, offices… you name it!  Choose from a full line of economy hand sanitizing stands to fully custom printed sanitizer stations complete with your custom design.

Portable Display Stand with Brandable Message.


Truss SanStation LITE

Truss SanStation Economy

$109.00Select options

Truss SanStation Economy Kit

$214.00Select options

Truss SanStation Dual

$193.00Select options

Truss SanStation Quad

$259.00Select options

Truss SanStation Quad Deluxe

$781.00Select options


BrandStand Adjustable Dispensers

From: $222.00Select options

Eurofit Automatic Sani-Station Kit

Bannitizer Sanitizing Station

From: $428.00Select options

NAD Hand Sanitizing Station

From: $292.00Select options

Wellness Station

From: $1,009.00Select options


Wipe Dispenser Floor Stand

Fixed – 44″H

From: $40.00Select options

Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mount

Dimensions:  4″ x 4″ x 3.75″ (Set of 4)

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Fixed – 48″H

From: $95.00Select options

Hand Sanitizer Manual Pump Dispenser Stand

Fixed – 36″H | Telescopic – 26″ – 50″

From: $67.00Select options

Hand Sanitizer Stand Kit Unprinted

Hand Sanitizer Stand Kit Full-Color Imprint

Deluxe Hand Sanitizer Stand Kit

Deluxe Hand Sanitizer Stand Kit Full-Color Imprint

Rectangle Trappa Post Sanitizing Stand

From: $345.00Select options

Trappa Sanitizer Stands

From: $143.00Select options

Circle Trappa Post Sanitizing Stand

From: $345.00Select options

Oval Trappa Post Sanitizing Stand

From: $345.00Select options

MOD-9001 Hand Sanitizer Stand

Available With or Without Graphic

From: $399.00Select options

MOD-9002 Hand Sanitizer Stand

Available With or Without Graphic

From: $549.00Select options

MOD-9003 Hand Sanitizer Stand with Graphic

$469.00Select options

MOD-9004 Hand Sanitizer Stand

$199.00Select options

Foot Pedal Sanitizing Stand

EF Sanitizing Dispenser Stand

$249.00Select options

Global Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

Clean Freak Hand Sanitzer Stand

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station with Metal Fusion Sign

From: $300.00Select options

Free Standing Sanitizer Stands

From: $748.00Select options


Sanitation Counter Stand with Dispenser

Table Top Sanitizer Stand

Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer with Acrylic Stand

Tabletop Sanitizing Dispenser

Countertop Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Clean Freak Tabletop Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 500ml

Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 1000ml

Eurofit Automatic Sani-Station Tabletop Kit

Wall Mounted Sanitizing Dispenser


Clean Freak Hand Sanitizer

From: $2,980.00Select options

Sanitize Hand Sanitizing Gel

Tea Tree Formula Hand Sanitizing Gel

From: $12.00Select options

Gil Sani Quick Hand Sanitizer

From: $39.95Select options

Clean Freak Hand Sanitizer Sachets

Sanitizing Bags

Beltrac Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

$108.00Select options

Beltrac Hand Sanitizer Stanchion Frame

From: $98.00Select options

Popup Sani-Cart Mini

$365.00Select options

Popup Sani-Cart Large

$452.00Select options