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Graphic Layout Styles

Camelback Displays loves to design graphics! Trust us with your exhibit & displays graphics, company branding, logo & brochure design or even a simple banner. Just like anything else, there needs to be a starting point for ideas. So we decided to showcase several layouts that we have seen many times over the years. This doesn’t mean they have to be stale or uncreative either. Each piece is unique because each client is different. You can combine many of the layout styles we present here or come up with something new & fresh. There are no hard and fast rules… we can do anything you want!

The Swoosh

The swoosh is an element that can divide space vertically or horizontally. The space is divided by a wavy line, wave or pattern. One side may have an image & logo, the other may have bullet points. The swoosh can take many forms such as solid lines, images, patterns or photographic elements. It’s great for large images that can be framed in to emphasize a logo or a message. It also works to separate ideas in a design.

The Composite

Several images are combined together for effect, along with a logo or text. Composites can be very effective for creating clean, assembled images that blend together to illustrate a feeling, a message, illustrate different aspects of a theme…or to just make a cool statement! There are no rules for the composite. You are only limited by your imagination.

Stacked Design

Just as the name implies, Stacked Designs have all of the graphic elements and content assembled in a straight forward way. You start at the top and work your way to the bottom! Sometimes, the logo is at the top, followed by a tag line with content below. The design can utilize a number of different backgrounds and patterns. This layout is great for narrow designs and doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. You can combine a whole slew of creative design elements to bring your message to life!

The Map

The Map utilizes any type of map to convey brand reach and focus. Show the world, country, state or regional areas served. Add composite images and other design elements to finish it off.

Grid Design

This is a very common layout that takes many forms, but usually involves framed images configured in creative ways. Different geometric shapes can also be used. Grids are great for highlighting different ideas, products & services or combining related but varied images to one design.

Large Image

This may be one of the simplest layout concepts to execute. Start with one large high impact image, then combine a logo, content or a tag line. This is great for creating excitement about a product in use, a core principle, a brand or to simply draw people into a space.

Space Divider

Like the Swoosh, Space Divider layouts break up the space geometrically in a design to exhibit different features, information, products or ideas. There are so many ways to divide up design space that we can’t show them all here. Simple dividers split up space into two parts, but it can be a lot more complex than that.

Product Features & Benefits

OK, this isn’t just an excuse to use bullet points in a design! This type of layout is perfect for showcasing your products and services in a clean, concise way. Simply show the product and explain it in a visually stimulating way. The main subject and hero of the story is the product, so let’s show its best side!

The Minimal

Less is more! The Minimal allows you to make a point, express your artistic freedom and create a highly impacting design with a few elements in an uncluttered fashion. It’s great if dramatic flair is needed for a layout or you want to get straight to the point, visually!

Step & Repeat

Used as back drops for press conferences, red carpets, announcements and presentations. The Step & Repeat is great for company or organizational identification and exposure at a live event. Logos are repeated in a pattern across a space, usually a large wall graphic. Be creative, but keep logos and messages clearly visible so they can be seen in photos and video.

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