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How to Generate Leads at Trade Show Events

When companies start brainstorming on how they are going to have a successful conversion rate at their next trade show, their sole focus is on their exhibit. Generating leads is extremely important at trade show events so you can get new customers and even build relations with existing ones. This blog post will help you successfully generate leads by focusing on more than just your exhibit.


The number one influence on attendees at trade shows isn’t the booths! Most companies believe to generate leads it’s all about the booth, but the number one influence on attendees is the booth staff. You could have a less than average booth, but if you have the right team in place to represent your company, you will get the conversion rates you’re looking for! When choosing the staff you want to attend the trade show, try to choose employees that you know are dedicated to your company and are dedicated to your company’s goals. Choose staff that is warm, friendly, and outgoing. The staff is the key component when trying to generate leads at a trade show event. You want your staff to represent everything about your company at the trade show; they are a part of your brands “look”.

Strong Branding

Your brand’s look is very important. When someone is walking by your booth, they need to be able to tell what your company is all about in just a few seconds. You want everything to look cohesive in your booth. However, your brand’s look doesn’t just come from your booth, it also stems from your booth staff’s behavior and their look. They need to be wearing something that identifies them as a part of your company immediately. Have everyone wear the same shirt, or a shirt with the company logo on it. You could even have the staff wear branded hats. Their behaviors are just as important as their branded gear. They need to be active and moving around in the booth. If an attendee walks by and everyone is sitting down, not actively trying to talk to customers, this may turn people away and give them the perception your company is lazy and not willing to work for their customers.

Get Active

When your staff is actively trying to attract people to your booth, you will get more attendees. Have your staff stand in front of the booth and ask people questions that can hook their attention in less than 5 seconds. Have them avoid small talk. The attendees are there for potential business opportunities, not to talk pleasantries. Have your staff act friendly to all of the attendees, but have them cut to the chase. You don’t want to waste their time. Try drawing people in with giveaways and other game like actions. Click here to view some of our available Trade Show Games.  People will come if they receive something in return. For the attendees it is all about them and what they can get from you. For more ideas on how to get active, view our Best Trade Show Ideas of 2016.


When your staff does draw in attendees, be sure they are prepared on what to say. You want the staff to express exactly what your company can do for them. Customers want to hear what the benefit of working with your company will be. Tell them the immediate benefits and then build on that to tell them how working with you also gives them long-term benefits. You want the customer to feel that your company is trustworthy and willing to work for them. All of this stems from their conversations with your booth staff. Be sure your staff takes notes on the conversations they have with attendees so they can include exact details from their talk when they follow- up with the attendees. To make following up with the attendees a breeze, check out our blog about Poken, that allows you to digitally exchange information with your customer at the tap of a card.

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