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Digital Handshakes ; Networking You Didn’t Know You Needed

Technology is always evolving and becoming more advanced. Now you can use technology for interactive networking! Networking is a huge part of every industry, but it’s especially important at trade show events. Here is a popular application you can use in the trade show industry to network, collect data, create digital handshakes, and be green! Introducing; Poken!

How it Works

Poken is built to provide an interactive and exciting experience at events! It  is extremely user friendly and has a modern appeal to it. Simply place a “Touchpoint” sensor anywhere in your booth or venue. The attendees have Poken Badges or Poken Interactive USB Devices similar to a name badge, but much smaller. Attendees simply scan their badge in front of a touch point and the networking begins! As the vendor or exhibitor, you upload relevant content into your Touchpoint sensor such as your website, your product catalog, or any other information you wish to share with your attendees. In return, you receive a digital business card from the attendee so you can follow up with them after the show! It’s that simple, just touch and go!

Touchpoint Sensors

The Touchpoint sensors are completely autonomous and can be placed anywhere. No wifi? No problem! These sensors run on 3G Networks with a rechargeable battery! If you are in an area with bad 3G connections, iBeacon is another option. iBeacon is a complete Bluetooth experience that allows data hopping between Touchpoints to ensure full content offload! As previously mentioned, the Touchpoints run on a rechargeable battery that makes Poken a Greener option! The battery takes less than three hours to charge and can be used for weeks at a time. By using Poken Touchpoints and uploading documents, instead of printing them to handout, approximately 48 trees a month are saved! Documents are typically 2 pages on average, and Poken receives 70,461 digital documents each month. That’s approximately 2 tons of paper that is saved by making them digital!


Poken is a mobile app that can help you completely manage your tradeshow experience! With 12 different modules you can completely customize your experience. Use the Event Manager module to view live data on how many digital handshakes you’ve received and see who is registered at your booth! You can even compare your data to previous trade show events you’ve attended with on demand reports. You can manage online branding, emails; configure agendas, and much more with the Event Manager. Customize your Poken scan card for added fun! You can add your brand, logos, or choose from the character design caps! Touch your Pokens together to exchange business cards with other attendees! Pokens can be used virtually anywhere. They have two main offices; one in the United States and one in Switzerland. They also have partnering offices in Mexico, South America, Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa!

To learn more about Poken and the amazing opportunities they can provide, visit their website here!

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