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Customer Service – Camelback Displays Inc.

A successful company is constantly striving to find new and innovative means to keep a sustainable competitive advantage in their industry. A key role in a successful company is how they manage their customer service and their customer relationships. Below we discuss a few ways to improve your customer service.

Today, many companies rely heavily on the use of technology and CRM systems. These systems are always a good tool to have, but it’s not the only way to become the number one customer service team in your industry. You want to give your customers access to different platforms for ordering your products. Give them access to order online or to call and speak with a representative. Make the phone number easy to find for your customer. People are always more comfortable dealing with another person when it comes to making a big purchase. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get more in depth information on the products they are considering purchasing. You also have the option to use software, such as Olark to add a chat feature to your website. This is great for customers who have immediate questions, but may not be as comfortable speaking on the phone.

Training your sales reps for optimal customer service is extremely important. You need to prepare them for many different types of customers and how to deal with intense situations. They can only be successful if they have all the information available to them. They need the information for your products memorized so they can answer questions at a moment’s notice. But, if your rep doesn’t have the answer, that’s okay.  The rep can simply say “I don’t know. Let me find out for you.” People like honesty and that you are willing to work to find the answers for them. When training your sales reps, there a few aspects to focus in on; KSAB- Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Behavior. Knowledge is part of every employee’s capital and what they can bring to your company. Skills can be developed over time as they learn more from you and what is expected of them. In customer service, the two most important aspects are Attitude and Behavior.  Your sales rep’s attitude when helping a customer can make or break a deal. If they are happy to help the customer and ensure they are satisfied at the end of every phone call, you’ll get a better response from your customers. Behavior is also very important. Remind your customer service team that the customer is always right. It’s always about the customer’s needs, not the sales rep. Make sure to listen and empathize with the customer to truly understand their wants and needs.

Overall, a high performance organization has to decide how they want their social structure to be built and how they want it to be perceived by their customers. Encourage employees to empathize with their customers and truly listen to them, let the customer do the majority of the talking. The bottom line is to strive to make your customers happy and to build strong relationships that create a loyal customer basis.

Customer Service

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