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Stand out and make an impact! – Airdancers are a great advertising and marketing tool that guarantee that your message will be seen. They remain in constant motion and draw attention from every angle. Different models allow for messages and information to be printed. The arrow models can point customers and audiences in the right direction and if you need something even more our custom designed dancers are the perfect fit! We can build and print just about any design you can come up with. Call us today so we can build the perfect advertising tool for you!


Ensure your audience sees your message! Available in many different sizes. Easy to setup and transport. Your advertisement will remain in constant motion catching the attention of anyone within eyesight!


Custom Airflate Dancers give you the opportunity for more ad space and allow you to point your customers in the right direction thanks to the additional arrow in the middle of the inflatable air dancer.


Simple tube dancers are great for announcing special offers, advertising, or attention grabbing decoration. Print your message with vertical orientation and choose from a wide assortment of stand colors, or print your own!


Need something more custom, but still grabs attention unlike any other advertising sign or billboard? The custom Airflate Dancers will do just that! We can build and print them in just about any shape – call us today to design yours!

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