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Merchandising Bowls

Increase impulse buys with clear acrylic post top display bowls. Merchandising bowls make it simple to display last minute “reminder” items the customer may have forgotten to place in their cart. Clearly displayed merchandise increases impulse sales. Post-top version easily slides onto the top of any Beltrac 3000 retractable belt stanchion or merchandising post.

Post top version simply gets placed on the top of the post. Limited one bowl per top of post.

Swing-arm version simply attaches to the grooves of any Beltrac 3000 stanchion or merchandising post, allowing the bowl to be positioned at any angle. Multiple bowls can be attached to a single stanchion or merchandising post.

File Format requirements:
Sign graphic sizes: 9.5”H x 2.5”W
Visible Area: 5.32”H x 2.5”W 

Full-size, full color RGB or CMYK art at 150 DPI. All text must be converted to outlines. Please embed any images associated with the file.

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