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UltraForm Tradition (Fabric Base, Laminate Top)


Custom Appearance with Portable Performance! Finally, portable stands and towers designed specifically to support computer and audio visual equipment. The custom appearance conceals the amazing ease and strength of Ultra-Form. There are no small parts, and no tools are required. The result is fast, simple assembly. Most models assemble in under 5 minutes. Most designs will accommodate options like locking doors, shelves and lighting to allow for standard equipment to meet specific needs.

The Epic collection offers a custom look on a budget. Choose from a selection of custom laminates. Available models include ovals, computer stands, towers, specialty units & more…



Fabric Base / Laminate Top: UltraForm Tradition Portable Counters & Cabinets
Laminate Base / Laminate Top: Epic Modular Counters & Cabinets

Ultra Form Benefits

Why UltraForm Counters the perfect addition to any exhibit?

• Now available with optional graphics or graphic ready (Fabric)
• Over 50 Frontrunner and Prelude fabric colors to choose from
• Made in the USA quality – not a cheap, Chinese import
• Numerous styles and configurations
• Many models feature internal shelving and locking doors
• Countertops are available in a selection of stylish laminates
• Optional sturdy‚ rotomolded shipping cases

Fast Simple Assembly: Standard cabinets assemble in minutes without tools.
Great Strength: Designed to support 200 lbs. without internal hardware
UPS Shippable: Most standard cabinets pack in rotomolded cases with wheels and handles & ship via UPS
A Multitude of Accessories: Customize your Ultraform cabinet with shelves, monitor windows, keyboard pullouts, doors, and lighting
Hundreds of Colors and Surface Options: A wide assortment of fabrics, laminates and metalics are available to match virtually any exhibit.