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Change Your Mindset To Succeed Today

change mindset to succeed today

1.  Do 5 things today that you have been putting off and complete them today.

This builds a sense of accomplishment and can increase your productivity.  It almost doesn’t matter what the tasks are as long as they are things that have been weighing on you and for whatever reason, you haven’t taken the time to complete them.

change mindset to succeed today

2.  Do a personal success inventory today.

Think about things in life that you have accomplished… big and small.  Make a mental list of your life’s accomplishments and think about them early in the day.  Believe it or not, all of us have accomplished quite a few things in our lives.

success inventory today

3.  Let go of anger and negativity today.

Make a hand-written list of things you are upset about, disappointed about or have really hacked you off!  Number each entry and write out the core of what is bothering you.  Then destroy the piece of paper all of this is written on… tear it up, shred it or even burn it.  (please don’t burn the building down)

anger and negative today

4.  Pat yourself on the back today.

It’s OK to be proud of any accomplishment you achieve.  It’s not just about the big things either.  Sometimes it’s about just getting through a complicated phone call or handling some situation just right.

pat yourself

5.  Challenge yourself today.

Set personal goals for yourself daily and work to achieve them.  That’s it.

challenge yourself today

6.  Remember to laugh today.

Try to find the humor throughout the day even if something is going badly.  That doesn’t mean to avoid taking something seriously and handling the issue, but as long as nobody died I think we will all be OK whatever comes our way.

remember to laugh

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