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Best Trade Show Booth Ideas 2016

Trade Show events are an effective way to market your brand to a lot of people at one time. But just showing up to the event won’t be enough. You need unique Trade Show booth ideas to attract a crowd and reach as many prospective customers as possible. That’s why we have composed this list of the Best Trade Show Booth Ideas to help you attract the most traffic and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Engage the Audience

One extremely effective way to draw in a crowd to your Trade Show Booth is to add elements that will engage your potential customers. Add a Touch Screen Kiosk so people can view an online catalog, your website, or even a slide show of some of your new and upcoming products. Engaging your audience is a key component of marketing your brand. When you engage your audience you also are giving them the education aspect of good marketing. If you used the aforementioned Digital Kiosk for example, people can learn about your company by viewing your products, you can show them customer reviews, and truly educate them on the type of business culture you have. More ways to engage your audience include Prize Wheels, Photo Booths, and other Trade Show Games.

Incorporate Social Media

This is the generation of social media and social networking. Use this to your advantage! Set up a Back Wall Display that has your logo clearly and distinctly displayed. Add some Director Chairs and have people take pictures with your company logo! You should have them tag you in their photos from the event for a chance to win a shirt or other prize that has your company’s logo present. This will increase the traffic to your trade show booth and your social media outlets at the same time so you can expand your net of exposure! The main goal here is to give your audience incentives to market your company for you. When people tag you in their social networking, this also gives you the opportunity to get in contact with them later after the show.

Use Technology

Technology is a great addition to any trade show booth. Try live streaming your show to engage your attendees as well as those who could not attend. If you are planning to do a presentation, a live video feed will allow you to share your presentation with existing or prospecting customers who are not in attendance. Have people register with their name, phone number, and email for the live feed so you can follow up with them after the trade show. Incorporate Charging Stations into your display so people can stop and charge their devices at your Trade Show Booth. This allows your team to socialize and discuss ideas with them while they wait for their devices to charge. Add a Video Wall to catch people’s eye as they walk by. Here you could display some of your featured products, share a demonstration video, or display your Twitter feed. Have people live Tweet your company so they can instantaneously see their tweets to you and you can get some live feedback on how you’re doing!

Use Branding Efficiently

The most basic way to attract people to your Trade Show Booth is to show them what your company is about through the display. Make sure you have everything in your display properly branded. Add Director Chairs with your logo for people to take a break after a long day of walking. This will also give your team a chance to talk to prospective customers while they rest. Use the flooring to your advantage. Use Trade Show Flooring that has your logo facing the walkway so people can read it as they come up. Also, make the flooring comfortable for people to walk on. Add Tables and branded Table Covers at the back of your display that have aromatic snacks and food so they have to walk through the booth. Have your team wear the same shirt with your logo on it so everything will look cohesive and professional.

Make sure when choosing add-ons to your display that everything goes well together. You don’t want to have too many different elements or people may lose your branding message in the process.

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