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Orient Retractable Banner Stands

Orient Retractable Banner Stands are the perfect solution to showcase your business.

The Orient series of retractable banner stands are simplistic and elegantly designed. They are finished in anodized silver with heavy duty molded endplates. Padded carry bag is included. There are 6 available Orient Banner Stands; Orient 800, Orient 850, Orient 920, Orient 1000, Orient 800 Double Sided, and the Orient 920 Double Sided.

Orient 800 Retractable Banner Stands

Dimensions: 31.5″W x 83.25″H

From: $175.00Select options

Orient 850 Retractable Banner stand

Dimensions: 34.65″W x 86″H x 7.08″D

From: $183.00Select options

Orient 920 Retractable Banner stand

Dimensions: 37.49″W x 84.75″H x 7.08″D

From: $195.00Select options

Orient 1000 Retractable Banner Stand

Dimensions: 40.55″W x 84.75″H x 7.08″D

From: $220.00Select options


Orient 800 Double Sided Retractable Banner stand

Dimensions: 32.68″W x 84.75″H x 7.28″D

From: $285.00Select options

Orient 920 Double Sided Retractable Banner Stand

Dimensions: 37.49″W x 84.75″H x 7.28″D

From: $322.00Select options