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Green Banner Stands

Green Banner Stands – The Buzz on Bamboo!

Bamboo is utilized in ways so numerous that one source lists more than 5000 different, Eco-friendly uses for bamboo!


Bamboo is strong, flexible and beautiful in both its natural and finished states. Making it the perfect fit for building applications for beauty, stability, and durability.

Bamboo is a huge business worldwide, and provides shelter, utensils, furniture and food for over 2 billion people. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, capable of growing 3 to 4 feet per day! Ultimately making it one of the most resource friendly materials to use on the market today. It is also 100% recyclable.

Green Banner Stands
  • Kit Includes: (1)Tripod Stand w/ Hooks, (2)Banner Poles w/ Hooks, (1)Black Vinyl Bag
  • Graphic Size: 27.5″ W x 69″ H
  • Graphic Materials: 13oz Scrim Vinyl

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